Updates on the recent most Digital India initiatives

digital india

The launching of the government program Digital India was aimed at India’s gaining tremendous power in the hands of people while connecting them globally all over. Mr Ratan Tata said he was delighted at the Prime Minister’s move to turn India into a fully digitized nation. He also expressed his opinion in launching of a venture to spread internet usage to the women in the rural areas. Mr Tata, the chairperson of the organization Tata Trusts has tied up with Intel and with Google to help women across the internet under this powerful initiative. The visionary feels internet will bring livelihood for many Indian women and also help in spreading mass education to many in all parts of India. Mr Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, spoke about the digital revolution in the country with launched the Digital India Programme in great gusto.

digital indiaThere is even more good news that the country’s top ranking industrial houses have vouched to invest 4.5 lakh crores under the Digital India initiative. Mr Tata also spoke of the importance of the mobile telephony in all aspects of life in the present times. He also stressed upon the access to knowledge, self respect, identity and many other things as great benefits due to a digital world around. A very interesting program call the Internet Saathi is initiated to give villagers an internet experience in 4 -6 months. This would run on bicycles, specially designed with connected devices to run the internet. In urban areas, as per Google, the growth of women users is more than that of men, whereas in the rural areas it is only one tenth of women that use the internet. Over the next eighteen months, the initiative will reach out to five lakh women in the rural areas, starting with Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Gujarat and so on.

The Prime Minister has asked everyone to share their inputs and thoughts using the initiative Digtal Dialogue. He expressed a wish to have a conversation with the tech enthusiasts, using the Digital Dialogue initiative. He said he would also answer certain questions on the 5th Of July, 2015. The questions can be shared on different forums on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. PM Modi spoke on the importance of technology and that the role of digital media is making the governance so effective, economic and easy. The top leaders of the country also pledged whole hearted support and investment in the Digital India program.


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