What are some techniques startups use to initially draw attention to their product?

some techniques startups use to initially draw attention to their product



“You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible.”
― Paul Graham

Acquiring that seed capital for bootstrapping will teach you the most important lessons of entrepreneurship. You will come face to face with challenges that will break you down but that is no time to quit because a morning comes out only after the dark nights are gone.

Being an entrepreneur, you will have to fight with varied succumbing circumstances; you will not have the liberty of being careless or obnoxious. You will have to tone down the standard of your life in order to meet the needs of your team. Entrepreneurship will teach you the most important lessons of life. It is only after starting a business on your own; you will come to understand the difference between Want and Need.

When starting up, spending a lot of money in advertising and marketing is not a good idea. Marketing and advertising when bootstrapping are extravaganza and no investment. Understand the difference, an investment is going to bring you something but extravaganza is simply a foolish act.

It is important to spend the acquired money on improving the product and user experience but almost no marketing is a bad thing. It is true that organic marketing is expensive but in the contemporary world, there are alternatives. Yes, there are mediums you can use for marketing your business without investing very less or almost nothing.

Here we take a look at all the amazing techniques startups use initially draw attention for their products:

Email Marketing: Email is one marketing tool you should never lose hold of. You will have to spend a lot of time building that email list. Email allows you to get into the house of the customer and tell them what you have got for them. There lies a huge probability of generating via email marketing than by Pay Per Click Google Ads. So start making your mailing list as soon as you start your business. Keep the audience/customers posted.

Leads: Leads are different from the paid ads. These are specified services. You pay 0.5-1 USD for every lead. While when you acquire a paid campaign of 200USD you end up paying 10USD for every leads. Do not waste your money on publishing in newspaper and on Google sites. Use lead generation services and acquire genuine traffic. Every one clicking on your ad is probably looking for information on the particular service; make the most of this opportunity and let your business grow.

Search Engine and Directories: This is SEO done on minimal level. Get in touch with all online directories. Submit your site to each one of them. Submitting your site to local directories is going to help you the most. Every a person makes a query related to a specified service in a particular area the name of your business will pop up and you will benefit from it. It takes hardly an hour for submitting your site to directories but can prove to be a major factor in making your business popular.

Banners: Banners you see on various sites are not simple ads; they are graphics with an address hidden in them. This banner space is your best shot at fame. Make the best use of these spaces, you can either purchase them or exchange with other struggling or boot strapping startup. Renowned bloggers and webmasters are always looking for people who will be interested in posting their ads as a Banner.

Feedback and Testimonials: These banners and lead marketing will bring a lot of customers to your site but you will find them bouncing back. You will have to retain them and in order to retain them you will have to show them that people are actually using your products and like it as well. Persuading your existing customers to leave a feedback is going to prove beneficial. Your business will be able to develop a trust among people.

Affiliate Programs: This is the real income source of every popular blogger on the floor. As an enterprise you pay them an incentive every time a sale happens through their blogs. If you happen to sell a product from the lifestyle domain then get in touch with a popular lifestyle blogger and make him sell your links through his or her blog. In return you pay him 5-10 percent of income generated. Affiliate marketing is referred to as the future of blogging.

Articles: Start a company blog; do not promote your company directly. Write articles that are beneficial for the readers and tell them how your product is going to improve their life. Leave a link to your website and let them explore the possibilities.

Ezine Advertising: this technique is a mixture of Article marketing and submitting to web directories. Here you submit your website to the web directories with the help of articles. You can write an article related to your products and redirect the traffic generated by the article to your website. The article needs to be informative and not professional.

Viral Marketing: This there is a thing called Viral Marketing. A lot of people from around the world think of viral as serendipity but no, it is no accident. Viral Marketing is actually a well-defined paradigm. Get in touch with SEM and Digital Marketing service providers and they will do this for you at a very minimal rate. This is going to leverage your blog/site with the requisite fame for a day or two then you will have to carry it forward from there onwards on your own.

Joint Ventures: Get into partnership with someone, who already has a popular business and use his platform for promoting your product or service. This is a two-way mechanism, you will have to either share your revenues or pay for using their platform.

These are the few methods and techniques that are being used by the contemporary generation of entrepreneurs for promoting their products. Try each one of them and settle with the ones that suit you and your business model the most.

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