What are the best ways for a CEO of a tech startup to approach & develop mentors?

What are the best ways for a CEO of a tech startup to approach & develop mentors

Newly inducted CEOs often look out for an experienced mentor who will be his role model in the future. This is a very interesting and a complicated task since there are thousands of people who may run same type of businesses, carry same objectives and ideologies and grow majestically in the market. So, the new CEOs should do lots of spade work to find & develop mentors who are focusing on the same set of objectives. These types of CEOs those who are in the lookout for senior mentor should first of all develop patience and do lots of research.

What are the best ways for a CEO of a tech startup to approach & develop mentors

They have to register in social websites and look out for the mentors those who have same set of ideologies and objectives. Initially they may face lots of difficulties and when they do the digging patiently they will be able to filter the best mentors those who match their thinking. After filtering the best mentors the new CEOs should try to find out what types of businesses and activities they are into and perform thorough investigation. When they do these things meticulously they will be able to find the best role model who will act as his mentor. After zeroing-in the CEOs should send friendship request through social websites and start communicating immediately with the person.

CEOs will get fantastic inputs when they socialize
Building business relationship and bonding with the mentor is a delicate assignment. It will be like walking on the needle. The CEOs should professionally interact with the new mentor and try to help in many ways. If he is selling new brands to the society the CEOs may buy some products from him or can advertise his products through his channels. In that way, he can build a long lasting relationship with the mentor. The CEOs should always interact positively and try to extract many things that will be helpful to his business.

When the mentor’s relationship becomes extremely strong then the CEO can invite him for a personal discussion. CEOs should make it a point to invite the mentor only during his free times and not during his busy schedules. They can arrange the meeting in a star rated hotel and invite him on a specific date. The CEOs should discuss about the mentor’s business and other important things in a matured manner. They should not build any types of pressures and involve in nauseating talks.

If the mentor stays in proximity the start-up CEO can also directly visit him and invite him for a professional meeting. He will adore these types of exemplary qualities and accept the invitation. Never interfere when the mentor talks and listen to what he says about his visions, ambitions and objectives. After he finishes his talk then the CEO can post his questions which will happily answer. Professional ethics and discipline are the mantras for the success. Never share the failures in the past with the mentor and always talk with him with positive mindset. These time-tested methods will help the CEOs a lot.

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