What it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur?

successful entrepreneur

The problem is that there is no proven paradigm, there is no rulebook and there is no teacher. Entrepreneurship is a feeling rather than an attitude. It is what you feel about the world and its problem.

successful entrepreneur

In recent past, India has emerged as the third largest community of startups in the world. With the rising craze of entrepreneurship in the country, it is important that aspiring entrepreneurs are aware of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Though there is no specified paradigm or proven rulebook but the facts and traits listed here are something common in every successful entrepreneur:

Determination: It takes a lot of determination and courage to go against the world. It takes a lot of introspection and a lot of courage to defy 9 to 5 job and do what you always wanted to do. When you choose to be an entrepreneur instead of being a regular employee. You will have to face the world and you will have to face your parents. All we can say is that it is not going to be easy but if you stick around, it is going to be worth it.

Risk taker: to the world, it may seem as risk but you need to be confident about your idea and measures. Do not make blind moves; support your moves with facts and data. Read a lot and do proper research before starting with an idea and trying to make it big. You will have to learn about its application from around the world and see whether it is going to work or not.

A Learner: A successful entrepreneur is never going to lose touch with knowledge. Every great entrepreneur has been reading addicts and most of them used to read before they retire to bed. Read a lot, read about everything. Read a lot of successful stories and read some failure stories as well. You are going to benefit from the both.

Money Management: You need not to be an MBA to be a successful entrepreneur but you must have requisite management skills. You must have the ability of cost cutting and increasing production at the start of the business, later you can hire MBAs and make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Networking Skills: You cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you are not outgoing. You will have to go out and socialize with people. Networking is the most important thing when you are starting up. You will have to meet people and make them believe in your idea and trust me; it is going to require a lot of networking skills.

Vision: You need to have an aim. You are going to get nowhere if you do not have an aim or a vision. The very first things you need to are develop a vision and keep it playing in your mind everyday. Do not lose the sight of your vision. Let it sink in your subconscious mind.

Not so Stern: There are going to be times when you will turn possessive about your idea but the team or the investor will want to bring in few changes. Under such situations of conflict, you will have to manage. You will have to let the idea change; you will have to be flexible or the next thing you can do innovate. Innovation has been the most important part of successful entrepreneurship career.

Ability to Sell and Promote: You will have to be outspoken and you will also have to be brazen. Never shy when it comes to talking about your product or selling it. The world is going to excuse your pitching sessions once you are providing them with something concrete in form of services or product.

Now that you have decided to ditch that glorious MNC career, it is going to be difficult but do not lose hope. You are one of few who have the courage to do what they are meant to. Believe in you, work on your product and change the world for better.

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