Why a perfect neutral internet is required for the success of Digital India

The Digital India program could be jeopardized any day if there is no proper Government Policy for the protection of net neutrality. Without that the Digital India program amounting 1.13 Lakh crores could fall flat on the nose. Thus, the technical experts are of the view that the Internet will be the greatest test for accomplishment of the Digital India program under the government of Mr Nardendra Modi in India. The Prime Minister expressed a wish to create successful startups in India under this Digital India program for which a neutral Internet is the need of the day, as per the sources. The digital ecosystem lies in the growth and development of the digital ecosystem, in terms of the app based services and apps. Mr Modi of course is of the view that that digital access should be broadened for every Indian, and government services and actions should be available to people online. It also aims at launching the education, health and governance plans so that all essential services are delivered to the people even in the most distant areas.

The neutrality of the internet is much important for the success of Digital India. India presently has the highest number of internet users but the penetration is lowest in comparison to the other ten countries with high internet use. Among the 42 countries will connected and high use of the internet, India is one among them. The government has reworked on its plans once more. The government has also spoken its mind out on the new must haves on the innovation and the start ups along with the internet plans. There should be some changes to be administered in case of using OTT apps for domestic calls using the Viber, Skype and Google Chat. The OTT APPs deliver the calls and thus make a lot of revenue of the telcos investments made.

TRAI, the Telcom Regulatory Authority of India will have to submit all its recommendation to the telecom department for formulating the final policy on the government’s net neutrality. The government has made it fully clear that it is in favor of the neutrality of net, the government policy will be decided and that to which degree the net neutrality should remain in the country. Ration cards have also been digitized so far. The National register of citizens have also been digitized.

In West Bengal, there has been computerization, digitization of ration cards and then the online issue of caste certificates and so on. In Chandigarh, there has been e-registration of businesses, taxation and local excise are coming up soon through online forms. There have been discussion forums online where the Vidhan Sabha people communicate, and even the High Court also have digitized working. In Gujarat also there have been provisions for e-analysis, e-transactions and analysis. In Odhisa also college admissions, land registration, mineral transportation, application of basic certificates, driving licenses, registration of vehicle certificates and so on are all carried out digitally and also all intra department files are digitized.


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