With the most Logical Name, This New Fashion Jewellery Startup is Trying to make Impact

What is a challenge? When someone questions your ability to adapt? Or when someone thinks you are incapable of preforming a task. Or when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. Or maybe when someone raises the bar of competitiveness. Everything that makes you overcome some or the other fear rooted within, is a challenge. Its often said that “Winners hunt for opportunities to thrive while losers make excuses to survive.” But honestly, not every plunge taken in the ocean of opportunities yield results. Many a times, you wait for the boat to come on the shore to take you through to the other side, but in reality, the other side turn out to be gloomier than the shore. Unpredictable is the one word that summarizes life.

Let us tell you a true story about the man who transformed his weakness to his strength. Vikram had lost his left arm in an accident at a very young age while he was working in a garments factory. He was in desperate need of money for his livelihood, but owing to his disability, he could not earn enough to suppress his own thirst, let alone his dependents. The village where he lived was known for its wrestlers. There were about four to five of them who could make people crawl on their knees with just one punch. Like every year, the wrestling competition was announced and the prize money this time was doubled to 4 lakh rupees. This was fortune for anyone in the village, but the thought of facing the five giants made everyone walk away from this thought.


Vikram wasn’t one of them. Money is the most important thing in this world for which we humans are ready to risk our lives. He went to one of the villagers who in his younger days used to be a courageous fighter. Vikram went to him and said “Hansraj Ji, I want to participate in the wrestling competition and win… I need money and I will do anything for it… As it is, with one hand, I am of very little use to anyone, I am willing to take the extra risk for the reward in sight”. Hansraj had never won the village wrestling competition, he always lost to one of thw five giants in the knockouts. But he was a very good thinker of the game. He smiled and agreed to train Vikram, provided Vikram gave his 100% in the three months before the competition begins. Vikram was overjoyed with the proposal and nodded in agreement.

Next day began the training for Vikram wherein his coach Hansraj taught him stance, positions and swift movements. Vikram was a quick learner and the hunger to win can be seen in his eyes. In a few days time, some improvement could be seen in his style of play. Then came the most difficult part, how to attack? Hansraj taught him only one attacking move and asked him to practice that soulfully. Vikram followed whatever was told to him by the coach, religiously. Days passed, followed by weeks and Vikram knew just one attacking shot. When there were only a couple of weeks left for the competition to commence, Vikram got tensed tgat he knows nothing but that one attacking shot. He went to Hansraj for learning some new moves, but Hansraj declined and asked him to keep practicing this move until he mastered it. Vikram did as he was told, for he had no other option.


Finally, the day had come and Vikram took every fight as if it was the last fight he will ever have. Slowly, but steadily, he progressed to the next stages. His attacking move turned out to be very effective for him. Soon, he found himself in the knick out stages of the tournament where he would be facing the giant fighters of his village. Even they were perplexed, how could a man with just one arm make it to the knockout stages of wrestling competition. Vikram had no other choice but to keep fighting. He gave his all in every fight, and to everyone’s surprise emerged victorious. Everyone in the village had their eyes popped out and ears waiting in anticipation to hear the magic mantra that made this victory possible. He then went to his coach Hansraj and asked as to how this miracle happened? Hansraj smiled and replied “Vikram, the reason you won was because of your left arm…. Remember I told you to give your hundred percent, you did. I just taught you one move, but you kept practicing it like there’s no tomorrow. In order to tackle your move, the opponent should get hold of your left arm for support before launching his own move.. But because you didn’t have the left arm and the fact that you practiced this move so much that you mastered it.. it became almost impossible to block your move. This is how you managed to win my boy”.

1The takeaways from this story was that never press too much upon your weakness. Give your hundred percent in whatever you do, even if you don’t know the outcome of the efforts. Always believe in yourself and take risks, for only risks reap rewards. Entrepreneurs face similar challenges when they aspire for startups. Its never a sure thing to do, unless you go firm and show your willingness to fight out the consequences. Weakness for an entrepreneur may well be adapting to a change, or trying something new or out of the box, something different, away from the borders of tried and tested methodologies.

JewellerKakaIn the same way at Jewellerkaka (Fashion Jewellery Startup), the team believes in innovation. This fast paced world is advancing ever so fast, that even the phone apps are updated almost every week. With new designs and latest collection, we aspire to find an answer to your fashionistas’ dilemma. The team has taken a plunge to serve its customers a wide range of products with assured top notch service, at rates which are easy on the wallet, without of course, compromising on the quality.

Founded by a passionate entrepreneur Vikalp Bothara in 2015, Jewellerkaka is an e-commerce venture dealing in imitation jewellery and some iconic products in the field of fashion. The range of products are varied with plethora of options to choose from. Be it the delightful necklace sets, one that women desires to be circled around her neck, or the finely crafted pendants that goes well with their beautiful saree in a party. From the beauteous designed bangles and bajuband that gives hands a divine touch to the earrings which looks like a peacock flapping his feathers in the rain. From designer watches, purse to the artistic clutches, you name it, they have it.

The name “Jewellerkaka” comes by conjoining two names “Jeweller” and “Kaka”. Traditionally, before the foreign language transformed each relation with the shopkeepers into “Uncles”, the women who went out to shops buying jewelleries usually addressed the “jauhari” or the goldsmith as “Kaka”. Therefore, taking together their rich traditional values which are an integral part of their cultural heritage along with the use of latest technologies to good effect they blend together a splendid concoction to suit the varied needs of their customers.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jewellerkaka/

URL of website: http://www.jewellerkaka.com