WorldBit Starts ICO Presale Launch

WorldBit Logo

WorldBit LogoSingapore: Today, WorldBit, a blockchain ecommerce business platform, announces the launching of their ICO [Initial Coin Offering] presale bonus phase of their digital token WBT. The presale bonus phase begins now and ends on December 17, 2017, when the sale of WBT will continue without the added bonus. The token sales phase schedule, along with the legal, security, and technical reports, can be found in the whitepaper on Since the yearlong alpha testing and proof of concept phase has completed, WorldBit meets the marketplace with confidence in their multi-phase landmark project.

On the company’s start date, CEO and founder, Stuart Trusty says, “We are pleased this team came together so spontaneously, as this effort is a part of the wider vision and contributions by all who are involved.”

WorldBit has focused on the following platform for its system : WorldBit has designed a regulatory compliant protocol, modeled on its token named WBT, which acts differently in different jurisdictions.

  • WorldBit tokenizes merchandise as collateral, which establishes intrinsic rather than speculative value of its token.
  • WorldBit has an Augmented Reality (AR) marketplace mobile app with GPS integration to make it easy to use, while creating a fun atmosphere for doing business in local communities and during travel.
  • WorldBit wallet is unique in that it holds objects as well as tokens, and wherein the user can drop or pick up things in the GPS map, and engage others in commercial transactions.
  • Users are empowered to expand their circle of influence by freely adding to the map environment, using WBT to reach global audiences without boundaries.
  • Open source, protocol-oriented engineering, with all development on GitHub, and development support of sister blockchain infrastructure.

About: WorldBit™ is owned by Valuebit International Ventures Pte. Ltd. 82 Genting Lane #02-07, Media Centre, Singapore (349567) –, Stuart Trusty, CEO.