Ajim Premji Invest buys 8% of L Capital stake in Fabindia

ajim premji

ajim premji

Listen to the clamor and a sense of fear will grip you. Everyone is talking about the how innocuous the market and how volatile it is to invest in market at this point of time. The world is gripped in fear of losing out but then there are people who are doing amazingly well.

You may argue that it is only businessmen and entrepreneurs who have been able to make money out of the volatile market in recent past, you are right but it has got nothing to do with their millionaire status; all of them were a millennium at one point of time, it is their perseverance and living under the means attitude that has helped them make a millionaire under all circumstances.

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Ajim Premji is one of the rare names that acquire respect where it goes; no matter how hard the market may be and how very new the vertical is, Ajim Premji will always make a profit. It is the amazing sense of business and foresightedness that makes these people success and no minor attacks of market setback will coax them to succumb.

Ajim Premji is a new role

Ajim Premji has spent a whopping sum of 360 Crores to acquire 8% stake in Fabindia. L Capital is exiting Fabindia overseas and this buy out is the part of the same.

Fabindia has been a reputed brand across the globe; they have got around 230 stores located at 79 strategic locations around the world. The brand has done really well for the parent company and has secured really impressive percentages in its tenure. Today the brand stands at a threshold from where it can move into two completely different directions. The new members will be working hard to leverage the brand with a new direction. The changing dynamics are going to empower business and allow people to do amazing things in life.

The parent company recently scored a hike of 18% in its revenue generation and now they are looking forward to scale at a better rate than ever. The new investments will empower the amazing team to do classic work and impress the world.

The changes and turns are going to work in the favor of people working really hard to make the brand survive.

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