Sequoia backed startup Quick Heal does magic with its IPO

Sequoia backed startup Quick Heal does magic with its IPO
Sequoia backed startup Quick Heal does magic with its IPO

If someone comes and knocks you with the news that XYZ Indian Startup is beating the word’s best startups then do not feign and start doubting the man. Indian startups and entrepreneurs have worked really hard to build a reputation that they are cashing on to.

While the story of success of Indian startups and entrepreneurs is a completely different chapter at the same time the success of investors investing in Indian Startups are also worth reading.

Sequoia decided to back Antivirus company few months back and today the first initial public offering of the company has helped the enterprise acquire valuation of around 10 times the original valuation. The increased valuation ranges somewhere around 9.68 times, which is huge. Measure it on any parameter of success and you will agree that it is a success.

New opportunities for startups

Sequoia is one of the leading investors in the Indian landscape, they have invested actively in FY2015 and they continue to take interest in upcoming events and provide interesting tech companies with the required fund.

The contribution and the support Sequoia leverages to every potential startup is incomparable and appreciable.

Earlier, the company raised Rs 134 crore  from anchor investors, including BNP Paribas Advantage and Reliance Mutual Fund. The experts have had an eye on the performance of Quick Heals on the international platform and it for sure has stunned everyone including experts and newbies.

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The new paradigms set by Quick Heal will boost the confidence of startups from acroos the world. the coming times are going to be exciting and worth working harder.

The company aims to raise up to Rs 250 crore through a fresh issue of shares. In addition, there is an offer for sale of up to 6.8 million shares by promoters and Sequoia Capital.

The $38 Million will be used for streamlining the most important things in the business. The best of the time and money will be used to add values to the product and services and the rest will be used for creating better customer experiences.


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