AngelList Funding, US based, debuts as investors in Indian startups


Good news in Indian startups funding ushers in when a US based website offers to raise funds for the startups. AngelList is the firm that is looking to invest from accredited investors and raise funds for the startups in India. Funding, in the early stage, is high in demand, nowadays, for the Indian startups, presently. AngelList has its parentage in the US based Indians Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant and this company has already democratized the investment funding for startups in the Silicon Valley. It all had started as an online project of raising funds, free of charges and now, in order, to move beyond the geographical barriers, this online platform is out to set up its shop, in the Indian market, the world’s fastest growing startup eco system.

AngellistAngelList is also working on its ventures in Australia, parts of Europe, Canada and UK, apart from the US. AngelList also offers search for job seekers, looking to find work opportunities at the startups where India has currently the biggest market. Bengaluru, aka, India’s Silicon Valley is hot bed for breeding Indian startups and AngelList is looking to start off here in Bengaluru. The company is also looking to hire the first person for business research here. AngelList is not sure about introducing Syndicates in India at one go, but it is surely looking into the prospect of finding out about the local regulations before looking into the prospects of setting up a company here in India.

The best point about selecting Bengaluru as the pivotal point of business is that India’s technical system is growing by leaps and bounds and that, it has a rich English speaking market too. Therefore, we surely want to remain here but it does depend on the rules and regulations of the place, said the co-founder AngelList, Mr Ravikant. Angel has invested in Twitter and Uber, prior to this reports Ravikant. Since 2014, AngelList Syndicates has invested in 240 US startups and has invested over $100 M in all those companies. In India we also find companies of the same stature like that of AngelList. Before it started off in India, AngelList had also launched in Uk its counterpart in February 2015, where it allows the person to co-invest in that startups like the successful European startups worth a billion dollars. However, the European regulations regarding the environments have made it quite difficult for the venture to operate the way it was planned. For the same reason the company first makes sure about the geographical regulations in India by hiring a business research person to look into the same before it starts off in India with flying colors.

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