Saturday , 18 November 2017

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Varun Badhwar-led Startup, RedLock Launches With the First True Cloud Infrastructure Security Offering; Announces $12m in Venture Funding

Varun Badhwar-led Startup, RedLock Launches With the First True Cloud Infrastructure Security Offering; Announces $12m in Venture Funding

Menlo Park, CA (May 09, 2017) – RedLock officially launched today with a cloud infrastructure security offering designed to overcome challenges faced by every modern enterprise. The RedLock Cloud 360™ platform features technology that enables organizations to accelerate digital business by managing security and compliance risks across their entire public cloud infrastructure, but without impeding DevOps (i.e. collaboration between software ... Read More »

IoT Investors Day – Connects the world!

IoT Investors Day – Connects the world!

The goal of IoT Investors Day is to contribute to the market development by organizing international business conference that will take place in Bangalore, India on 9th of December 2016. More than 500 attendees and 12 best experts across the IoT space will gather in order to discuss the latest IoT market trends and to identify ways of its further ... Read More »

TracxnSecondary to make angels exit easier


Tracxn unveils platform to help angels exit start-ups   One unique idea and you can disrupt almost every existing vertical. No matter how successful an enterprise may be but if there’s something lagging or lacking then even a startup can make it turnover. Tracxn is a reputed name in the Indian startup community, yet again they are in news for ... Read More »

Once the market settles, Investors will turn to India: RBI Governor

In the past 3 weeks Indian Share Market has crashed drastically. The crash has nothing to do with Indian Economy but the crack down has sent a fear across the investors and entrepreneurs. The crack down which reflected in Indian market was a due of crashing Chinese economy. We may shrug the blame by saying that it is Chinese economy ... Read More »

Crero a consumer tech startup raised $3 Million from Sequoia, Indian Quotient and Beenext Ventures

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 If we are looking forward to measure the success of tech startups in India, we must ignore the amount of investment raised but at the same time, we must concentrate on the number of active users. India have always been a country that raised millions of USD but it is only in recent past that Indian startups and enterprises have ... Read More »

Investors powered Indian Startups with $9 Billion in 2015

Investors powered Indian Startups with $9 Billion in 2015

  2015 was an amazing year for India and its nascent startup ecosystem. The new government at the center left no stone unturned in order to help startups acquire seed capital; they have also ensured that the path to success is easier when compared to what it was a year ago. Apart of that Indian startups and young entrepreneurs have ... Read More »

Indian Government to Exempt Taxes on Angel Investments and Esops


Next time an entrepreneur requests you to join his or her startup and take shares in return of your service then do not hesitate, sign up for it because Central Government is planning to curb taxes on such transactions and business models. Central Government is seeking drafts of new rules and changes for the financial budget for the year 2016-17. ... Read More »

Delhi based Wigzo raised 3 Crore in Round A Funding

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NCR and Bengaluru are the two hotspots for startups in the contemporary India. Studies and researches have listed these arenas as the cheapest regions of the country in near future. Startups are working as a change agent and it is only measure of time that we are going to experience a better lifestyle at affordable prices. Apart of the efforts ... Read More »

Blackstone set to invest $2B in India: How is it going to impact India?  


There seems to be joy in the country with biggies from around the world looking forward to invest in India. India is rising, after being ranked less corrupt than China, India is only going to rise and rise. Entrepreneurs from India have come to develop an understanding of the contemporary situation, the passion and the confidence is increasing. It is ... Read More »

Who are the top Investors in India and what they are looking for: An Analysis


NASSCOM recently ranked India as the third largest startup community in the world. It also said, India acquires an investment of US$100 Million every week. India has turned out to be the hotspot for investment. Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors from around the world are looking forward to invest money in Indian startups. One of the major reasons why these ... Read More »