Being the CEO of a startup is not easy


Being the CEO of a startup is not easy
Being the CEO of a startup is not easy

Being the CEO of a Startup in the contemporary world is everything glamorous, rebellious and courageous but not easy. It takes spine to build a successful company from scratch. Finding an idea and working on it until it is perfect is one of the most frustrating tasks. One needs to be his or her critic and audience.

As the CEO of a startup there are going to be times when you will have to step down and do common chores like handling customer calls, delivering products or preparing presentations. In a startup, the CEO is no less than a commander at war; he needs to lead his team by example. You will have to get down get dirty and show your team how it’s done.

Here is a list of things that a CEO needs to manage really well:

Core Culture: Entrepreneurs are generally not found of status quos and rules hence they prefer to startup instead of working for a firm. Now that you have started from scratch, it is extremely important for you to see that your core team is following the core culture of your business. The team needs to believe in the core culture more than simply following it.

Keeping the idea up: Apple is world’s most valued company why? Because Steve never allowed his engineers to compromise on the quality of the product only because the cost of manufacturing it will increase. Never let, budget or cost come in between you and the idea of a great product. Let your team live up with the idea the business was originally born out of. Take time, give presentations and help your team in seeing the vision and then help them live it.

Hiring and Managing Talent: This is the most difficult part of being the CEO of a startup. You have got no HR for managing the hiring processes. You will have to get down and see that you are hiring people who are passionate and not only interested in money. Look for people who are talented and hardworking and once you have found who all are ready to do anything for your startup, do not, I repeat do not let them go.

Challenges and Innovation: You are the Boss; your team members are going to look up to you every time things go wrong. At such situations you will have to be really rigid and strong. Do not let the world diminish your shine, take your time, understand the problem and then innovate. Always remind yourself that being a hardworking boss is better than a slogging employee and live by it

Prioritizing things: At first you are going to suck at it but with time you will get used to it. Try to spend as much as time as you can contemplating things and their outcomes, this way you will be able to develop an understanding of the problem and its impact on future then the decision making will be much easier.

Make note of these things or bookmark this article. You will need these tips in the near future. All the best with your startup.

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