Categorizing Internet of Things and Understanding them better

The technical advancements have made it easier for a common man to get his task done without moving an inch. Today we have services that allow us to order food and allow us to pay our telephone and electricity bills without stepping out of the house. Online services are fast and comforting but these are soon going to turn obsolete. Something better and concrete will replace them and make world a better place to live. Internet of Things is here and it is ensuring that life comes to people of all age with great ease and grace.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is a technology that integrates humans with technologies, acquires data and processes them to deliver effectively. It is being used in almost every sector. Retail is cited to be the biggest consumer of Internet of Things in coming time.

Internet of Things leverages an old man with the power to click a button and have his medicine ordered at the local store. These services are going to fasten the process of ordering and delivering. Internet of Thing is going to improvise the rate of revenue generation and will also open doors of opportunities.

Categories of Internet of Things:

Internet of Things is basically a medium of bridging the gap between human and technology. It can be broadly classified into four categories and can be explained better:

Wearable: Battery operated phones, Bluetooth and other devices that have a network of their own. All these devices with a network of their own are referred to as wearable devices. All they need to operate, as an Internet of Things device is a smart application. A web application enables them to analyze the data and send requests to the local vendor or seller.

Media: Music and Movies are referred to as media. We can add Google’s chromeTV to it as well. All other devices like WiFi and Jambox are a part of the Media that processes Internet of Things request.

Home Automation: These are the real devices that are powering Internet of Things around the globe. These can be devices of low latency connected to cloud. Layman can operate these devices with great ease and grace. These devices are designed to connect with cloud, transfer the data, process it and place the order of the requisite product or services. They have found indispensable usages in the today’s world.

Smart Appliances: With smart houses being constructed there has always been a place for smart appliances. These appliances in the future are going to shape the world. They are going to be present in every household and every time there will be a requirement of refilling, pressing or clicking this appliance will submit a refuel request at the local vendor or with any of the online stores.

Amazon’s dash is an example of one such product and it is all set to change life for better. The world is waiting for more and more such services to come in play and change the world for better.



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