Tuesday , 21 November 2017

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Investors Day – Connects the world!

IoT Investors Day – Connects the world!

The goal of IoT Investors Day is to contribute to the market development by organizing international business conference that will take place in Bangalore, India on 9th of December 2016. More than 500 attendees and 12 best experts across the IoT space will gather in order to discuss the latest IoT market trends and to identify ways of its further ... Read More »

Tech startups can enjoy virtual incubation and free consultancy services with Nurturinno


In a country like India, where club of people tend to pull Doers, pursuing entrepreneurship as a career would have always been difficult. It is to the rescue of these entrepreneurs that there are enterprises like Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd. that are leaving no stone unturned to help these hardworking and aspiring people do what they are good at. Nurturinno ... Read More »

HyperCat incubator by Flexeye to empower IOT startups


  Hyderabad seems to be on a roll. What came for Hyderabad as a disaster in the beginning of this year has turned out to be a glorious event in the fate of the city. No other city in India has registered spectacular growth as Hyderabad did; it is already on its way of dethroning Bengaluru as the IT Capital ... Read More »

Qikpod to change India’s logistic and control carbon emission by creating world’s largest parcel locker network

ravi gururaj

  Entrepreneurship has always been about finding problems and solving it but in recent past we have seen companies creating problems. We have seen how Flipkart and Snapdeal have made the roads chaotic and delivery a time taking process. Who is going to solve it? Another set of entrepreneurs? If we are seeking newbie entrepreneurs to solve such innocuous issues ... Read More »

Israeli Technologies impacting lives of disabled

Israeli Technologies

 What is the use of the technology in the contemporary world, if it doesn’t simplify the life of a paralyzed? What is the use of wearable if it hardly makes a difference in the life of a person suffering sense’s disorder? What is the use of grandeur technologies if they cannot solve the minor problems of a disabled man? A ... Read More »

Categorizing Internet of Things and Understanding them better

The technical advancements have made it easier for a common man to get his task done without moving an inch. Today we have services that allow us to order food and allow us to pay our telephone and electricity bills without stepping out of the house. Online services are fast and comforting but these are soon going to turn obsolete. ... Read More »

Amazon Dash is here to break the Internet

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For a technology like Internet of Things acquiring requisite fame was a difficult thing; it is one of the most efficient technologies that will push human race forward but the complexities and constraints of cloud computing are pulling it back. With Amazon making a debut with Internet of Things the technology is now going to acquire the requisite fame. Contemporaries ... Read More »

Internet of Things startups making connecting to Cloud a layman task

The irreparable network system, highly efficient computer systems with competent knowledge of functioning is helping enterprises make the best use of Internet of Things. Consumers are equally benefited with these Internet of Things services. The coming together of services like cloud storage, data analysis at real time and delivery system is creating a pool of opportunities for the enterprises. Developers ... Read More »

Fastest growing Internet of Things (IoT) startups in India

India is known to have lost a decade of development to the lack of ease of doing business. India ranks at 142nd position when it comes to the ease of doing business. With the new government at center working hard to boost the entrepreneurial contribution, the changes are conspicuous now. Hundreds of startups from the remotest corner of the country ... Read More »

Internet of Things in Retail – Challenges and Opportunities in Retail sector

IoT startups

The world is simply not going to wait for the laggards to make up, it will keep moving till the time it acquires the best of everything. The technical developments have ushered a lot of fields in the magical world of electronics. The availability of mobile devices has helped a lot of sectors in matching the speed of the technical ... Read More »