Wednesday , 19 December 2018

Food Tech Startups

This startup provides a seamless dining out experience to restaurant goers

why voolsy is a must in a café or lounge

How often you have gone to eat out and left disappointed due to a lack of quality service and attention? This is an endemic problem in the restaurant sector in India and there needs to be some sort of solution to the woes facing the restaurant customers. Most often or not, if you happen to visit a restaurant during the ... Read More »

Why these guys launched food-tech startup in the middle of all the turbulence in food-tech space?


Dabbagul – Home-made food, home-delivered offers a home cooked meal on demand to hungry executives in Gurgaon. It allows locals to place an order for a freshly cooked, no-preservatives homemade lunch or dinner with a daily menu – much like the dabba mom made for us in school. Dabbagul has been launched at a time when all almost all other ... Read More »

This startup is trying to be one of the revolutionary food tech startup in India


Healthy eating has become a new Fitness mantra nowadays. Due to everyday hassles of busy working lives, often health and body nourishment take a backseat. Skipping meals, filling the stomach with tongue appetizing junk food, we lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. We may think missing breakfast or sloppy lunches is not a big deal. But over a period of time, ... Read More » – Journey from Chartered Accountant to Food Tech Entrepreneur Logo

We are sharing some questions asked from Mr. Sanjay D. Lalwani (Founder & CEO of about his journey from Chartered Accountant to food tech entrepreneur and exploring India’s treasure i.e amazing food. Team of foodies sets out to discover the most uniquely delicious gourmet food & gifts in India. At Foodwalas, they are explorers of food. They are on a ... Read More »