This startup is trying to be one of the revolutionary food tech startup in India


Healthy eating has become a new Fitness mantra nowadays. Due to everyday hassles of busy working lives, often health and body nourishment take a backseat. Skipping meals, filling the stomach with tongue appetizing junk food, we lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. We may think missing breakfast or sloppy lunches is not a big deal. But over a period of time, in the 30’s or 40’s when middle age approaches, the signs of those unhealthy eating turns into frequent disorders, feeling lack of energy and general lethargy.

FitBiteWork, deadlines, and projects just go on and on. There is no stopping on the front of taking new challenges. But negligence on the health front takes a bigger toll on lives. In such a work-life scenario, how to achieve the balance? The answer is FitBite! It is one of the revolutionary startups in India in the food industry.

FitBite is trying to be one of the revolutionary food tech startup in India: The idea behind FitBite took shape in a hostel room in IIT Delhi. Everyday eating at the mess was boring thing. Fast food helpings were frequent for appeasing tongue. As a result, frequent visits to hospital, ill heath and lack of stamina also followed. Then impact of bad eating were discussed and researched upon. Then they realized this is a widespread problem and not limited to college campuses. Working people and busy families also give in to pressures by eating junk food. Well, they eventually started looking out for solution. After lot of research, they arrived at a conclusion that semi prepared recipe boxes would be good for the common man. On time and money front, these will be economical. They also felt the need to offer the customers another incentive for adopting this model of healthy living – thousands of tasty and easy to cook recipes, to ensure that the customers don’t get bored.


The working of FitBite is simple. Login to the website ( ) and look at the delicious and healthy recipes listings. Order the recipe that you would like to have. You can shop online for that with reasonable rates. Semi cooked ingredients will get delivered to you along with the recipe. You will need 5-10 minutes to cook the food and appetizing meal is ready. Also, through the portal, you can connect to hundreds of nutritionists and diet experts who can help you chalk out the perfect meal plan suited to your body and working conditions. There are many food startups in india But FitBite specifically emphasizes on healthy eating as they really care about the fitness of their customers.

They do have big plans for the future. They want to scale up their venture to other cities and diffuse healthy eating habits everywhere. They intend to set up systems that recommend to a user the healthiest and tastiest recipes, according to his location, the time, and his previous ordering preferences. Even if you are travelling to another city, don’t worry about your everyday healthy meal! Fitbite will be just one click away! Revolutionary startups has to think big to make it big !

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