This startup provides a seamless dining out experience to restaurant goers

why voolsy is a must in a café or lounge

How often you have gone to eat out and left disappointed due to a lack of quality service and attention? This is an endemic problem in the restaurant sector in India and there needs to be some sort of solution to the woes facing the restaurant customers. Most often or not, if you happen to visit a restaurant during the peak hours in a weekend, you are bound to face the problem of a lack of proper service.

There is no waiter to grab your attention once you are inside the restaurant and to take your order. Even if you manage to secure the attention of the waiter, there are other issues waiting to derail your eating out experience.

This startup provides a seamless dining out experience to restaurant goers

A lack of menus on the table and not knowing how a particular food item looks like adds to the problem. Even the waiters are unaware of this and they most of the time even don’t know what is the quantity served of a particular dish to the customers. The waiters are not trained to interact with the guests and this leads to other problems.

Even during paying the bill, again the guests have to wait for five to ten minutes till the waiter or manager comes to present the bill and receive the payment for the same. All this derails our eating out experience and mostly we are left with wanting a better way to deal with all these issues.

smit nebhwani founder ceoKeeping this in mind, Smit Nebhwani (CEO, Voolsy) and Amrish Patel (President, Voolsy) developed an app to answer all these problems of the restaurant goers listed above. The app named Voolsy works inside a restaurant and you can order, customize food and pay with the help of this app without having to call a waiter or a manager. With Voolsy, you get a hassle free experience once you go in a restaurant to dine out. You can also rate the dishes and mark them as your favorites. The USP of Voolsy is that you can do everything in a restaurant, like order and pay, without the need to call the waiter or the manager. This saves both the time of the customer and makes their dining out experience smooth.

amrish patel founder president

With this app, your table is automatically detected with the help of iBeacon technology, used for the first time in the restaurant sector in India. You can order food directly from your phone with the menus that are already preloaded in the app along with information about all the cuisines offered with their pictures and quantity served. Once you are done, you can pay securely yourself, and rate the food you had. You can also mark your favorite dishes in the app.

Voolsy plans to cover the major metropolitan cities in India and whole of India eventually with their app. As per their expansion phase, after their successful launch in Ahmedabad, Voolsy plans to launch in Mumbai soon. In Ahmedabad, the app is functional in 9 premier restaurant, hotel chains, cafés and lounges and is operational in all these types of outlets. The company is also planning to add additional features in Voolsy in the coming months like the facility of preordering meals and an option for split billing. People at Voolsy are highly enthusiastic and their morale is high and their fundamental aim to change for the better the way we all dine out.

Details of logistics startup Truck Suvidha given by the founders:
Company Name – Voolsy Networks Private Limited
Company website –
Launched date – 2015
Start-up Description – Voolsy is an application designed to enhance your joy of eating out. Right from the time you enter in a restaurant, order your food and till you pay your bill, Voolsy is with you every step to make your dining experience better.

Voolsy creates a seamless way to enjoy your food once you are inside the restaurant.

Voolsy can be used in the following manner:
1. Detect table
Your table will be automatically detected by iBeacon technology so keep your Bluetooth on.

2. View Menu
Get accurate information about the dishes you are ordering like the pic of the dish, the ingredients used and the quantity served.

3. Customize order
Customize your food as per your wish and order multiple times.

4. Secured payment
No need to wait to pay your bill. Use a host of options to pay securely by cash or card.

5. Exclusive offers
Use the relevant offers that are clubbed with your Voolsy enabled restaurant.

6. Rate and review
Give your feedback and review the restaurant.

Founders detail with brief profile – Smit Nebhwani and Amrish Patel are the founders of Voolsy.

Amrish finds great joy in turning ideas into reality. His creative passion is fueled by his constant endeavor to seek the highest order of quality with an innate design sensibility, knowledge of market dynamics and resource management.
Smit has a definite vision and a keen interest in Development, Sales & Marketing. His determination and perseverance has led to the fruition of many successful ventures. He believes that simplicity and functionality go hand in hand and Voolsy is a live example of this.

Uniqueness about the Startup – The unique selling point of our app would be the ease with which restaurant goers can order, customize and pay for their food inside a restaurant. Also, we are the first ones in India to use the iBeacon technology in the restaurant sector.

Challenges – The main challenge that we are facing in the business is the issue of changing the mindset of both the customers and restaurant owners. As far as customers are concerned, they know it is a good app to use, but often face resistance due to trivial issues like forgot phone at home, internet not working or try it the next time. As far as restaurant owners are concerned, they know Voolsy will enhance the quality of service they offer, but often resist the change citing the reason that entire system is depending on the internet, what happens if the internet doesn’t work? Such type of mindset issues and changing this type of mindset is the main challenge that Voolsy faces.