Thursday , 17 August 2017

Make in India

Insights on Apple’s Two new Projects in Hyderabad and Bangalore


The tech community of the community is flooded with news since the arrival of Tim Cook in India. Cook and his initiative plan’s are making the Indian audience filled with enthusiasm and expectation. It has already been announced that a development center for digital maps is all set to be set up in Hyderabad and would open its startup accelerator ... Read More »

Apple CEO, Tim Cook kickstarted his India Trip with big announcements

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Apple CEO, Tim Cook landed in India for the first time after taking up the job as CEO at the tech giant Apple in 2011. He is expected to meet India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who is trying his best to improvise India’s manufacturing set up and extend the country’s ties to Silicon Valley. Tim Cook’s flight landed late night ... Read More »

Important takes from Make in India week Mumbai

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Every good thing must come an end, today Make in India week, Mumbai came to an end but what we witnessed is going to stay with us. India surely has risen to the opportunity and made a mark in the world and the success of Make in India campaign is the proof of India’s increased stature at the International level. ... Read More »

Highlights of Make in India week

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   Keeping all the misfortune that happened at the Make in India week yesterday, here we are going to talk about the good things to remember from the inaugural day of Make in India week in Mumbai. Prime Minster, Narendra Modi, was here to inaugurate the star-studded evening and talk about the varied measures government took in the last one ... Read More »

Participating at Upcoming Make in India week may help you win 2.3 Cr for your Startup

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The immaculate paradigm of building a great nation has always been hidden in the coming together of Government and Corporates and work for Development. While what we have seen during last decade was a desperate attempt from startup communities to seek the growth rate for the country but the last 18 months have been different. The new government on the ... Read More »