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make in India

make in India

Every good thing must come an end, today Make in India week, Mumbai came to an end but what we witnessed is going to stay with us. India surely has risen to the opportunity and made a mark in the world and the success of Make in India campaign is the proof of India’s increased stature at the International level.
Hundreds of MNCs are lining up to setup their industries and manufacturing hub in India and then export it to the world. India has always been cheap but it took a strong leader at the center to make the world look at us with respect.

Here we tell you the most important things that happened at the Make in India week, Mumbai:

  • Industrialists from 2500 International companies and from 8000 domestic companies attended the event and made it a huge success.
  • Delegations from 68 Nations and business teams from 72 countries attended what we would call a glamorous show of technology and manufacturing in India.
  • The weeklong event is known to have acquired investment promises of 15.2 Lac Crores.
  • Out of the 15.2 lac crores, 8 lac crore goes in the favor of Maharashtra the state hosting the first ever Make in India week.

Make in India plans with Sweden

  • Sweden’s Prime Minister also visited Make in India week on 13-14th February with the biggest ever delegation of Sweden. He also held a lot of meetings with Prime Minister and other secretaries. The potential development, investment and establishment plans were discussed. The government of both the countries recognizes it as a good opportunity to come together and start building something that the whole world is adopt and use.The promise of developing deeper business dialogue between the two prime ministers is bound to open new doors of possibilities for both the countries. The concerned officers and secretaries have been directed to keep a tab on the development and keep Narendra Modi updating from time to time.
  • If reports are to be believed 30 percent of the 15.2 lac crores comes from International players. MNCs from around the world are now measuring possibilities of investing in India. 30 percent of the 15.2-lac crore coming from foreign land is a huge achievement for India.
  • The Secretary of DIPP accepts the week to create a business favorable environment in the country.
  • “We have already opened the economy across sectors to the world. We’re now showcasing, connecting and collaborating for manufacturing in the country,” said the secretary of DIPP.
  • BJP ruled states were very much active throughout the session. More than 50 seminars were conducted with delegates from around the world, all of these seminars focused on measuring possibilities of investment in India.States like Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan had special seminars and discussions.
  • The total investment promised can help India acquire a growth rate of 12-16 percent annually.

Now that the Make in India week has come to an end, people are happy about that there were no casualties at the end of the day. Government and secretaries are quite happy with the outcome and the industrialists are also experiencing a positive air.

India is all set to rock the international podium with cheaper products produced in India and then exported to the world.


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