Highlights of Make in India week

make in India

make in India 

 Keeping all the misfortune that happened at the Make in India week yesterday, here we are going to talk about the good things to remember from the inaugural day of Make in India week in Mumbai.

Prime Minster, Narendra Modi, was here to inaugurate the star-studded evening and talk about the varied measures government took in the last one year. The improved ease of doing business and the rankings on various parameters are a proof to everything Prime Minister included in his vivacious speech.

Here we bring to you the Highlights from the Event and also the speech by Prime Minster:

  1. Honorable PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi took the opportunity to boast about the improved rankings when it comes to FDI. India is now the hot favorite FDI destination in the world. Varied international agencies have ranked India number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment.
  1. New IPR rules are to be framed soon. The new set of rules will allow foreign enterprises to acquire licenses with great ease.
  1. Narendra Modi gave a mantra to all the startup entrepreneurs, he said, Don’t wait, Don’t Relax, There are immense opportunities in India. Narendra Modi as a prime minister has turned India into the hub of marketing and manufacturing. From being a service sector for MNCs we have turned into manufacturing destination. The amazing skill of selling India’s potential to the world has allowed Narendra Modi to attract huge investments.
  1. When Make in India was launched the growth rate of Manufacturing sector every quarter was around 1% but the coming quarter will see an amazing growth rate of 12.2 percent. This is the achievement of Make in India campaign.
  1. Prime Minister highlighted India’s potential dimensions. He elaborated 4D’s as Democracy+Demography+Demand+Deregulation. The first three have always been India’s forte but it is the fourth D, deregulation that has been a huge part of Make in India campaign.
  1. What happened at CoalGate is history now; under Narendra Modi’s governance we are going to produce the maximum coal this year, in the history of India.

make in India

  1. Make in India is no more a National Brand, it is brand the world recognizes and identifies with.
  1. Narendra Modi also invited the world to come over and start working here. He renounced that India is the hottest destination to establish industries and acquire customer services.
  1. The improved business strategy allows entrepreneurs to seek help of government at all stages of business development
  1. This century belongs to India and the world is agreeing with it. The success of make in India campaign is proof to everything we say here.
  1. This Make in India week is the biggest excursion of businesses and industries in the Indian History.

It is true that Indian businessmen and entrepreneurs are experiencing a new sense of urgency among governmental institutions when it comes to improving infrastructure and reforming rules.

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