Fastest growing Internet of Things (IoT) startups in India

India is known to have lost a decade of development to the lack of ease of doing business. India ranks at 142nd position when it comes to the ease of doing business. With the new government at center working hard to boost the entrepreneurial contribution, the changes are conspicuous now.

Hundreds of startups from the remotest corner of the country are acquiring investment and are producing products and services that are going to take India on the global level.

Internet of Things is one technology that is going to redefine the way humans are dependent on technology. In recent future the human interaction with technology will be direct, the interaction between two varied technologies will also increase and it will make the world a much better place to live in.

We all know how amazingly Internet of Things makes everything smart and serves human with the best of experience. Here we are going to list some of the top and fastest growing Internet of Things Start-ups in India.

All of the Internet of Things startups have developed products and services that are redefining the word ‘smart’:

CARIQ: CARIQ is an Internet of Things startup that makes cars smarter. It is like pen drives in shape and size; it has got extreme powers and potential. The device records traditional data like mileage, average speed, fueling and other non-traditional data like driving pattern, issues while driving and unnecessary application of breaks. The device is also known to set-up connections with the peers and with the other devices around. The device can identify the products from the same maker and communicate with them.

This smart device is going to record all the traditional and non-traditional data and on the basis of same, it is going to assist you. It is going to assist you with the need to change the battery, refill the tank, tow the car and it will also assist you the moment you are off your track.

Personalized driving tips and social badges for drivers are some of the unique features of the product. The device can be acquired by paying a sum of $97(6000INR) in India.

SenseGiz: A research shows humans waste a total of 5 years of their lives looking for their items. SenseGiz is a device based on Internet of Things, which promises to give these 5 years back to the humans.

These are small chips which can be added to any product, you can add it to your wallet or to the item you waste maximum time looking for and find it with the Bluetooth connection that it possess. The enterprise has already sold 10000 units of the product across the world and has acquired some rave reviews.

LifePlot: The enterprise is not literally a start-up but it is growing at a great pace in the Indian subcontinent. The enterprise started its functioning in the year of 2009 and since then it has been one stop shop for all the electrocardiography diagnosis.

LifePlot brings to the world the cheapest and the most mobile electrocardiography tool that is connected to Internet of Things all the time and keeps the latest records and data under consideration while diagnosing a patient.

Some of the common features of LifePlot tool apart of diagnosing are:
• Paperless
• Free servicing
• Remote diagnosis
• Ease of using.

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