Five Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

Five Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

Don’t give up on the power of books to change lives and the world. As everything goes digital, book formats will morph, but their profound influence will endure.”
― David Marshall

As an Author, one question that is incessantly thrown at me is ‘which books to read’. When I started my career, I used to suggest people to read love books. Love stories helped a lot of my friends go out and enamor their better halves. Today when we are grown up and are looking forward to do great things in our lives, I tell people to read books like ‘In Search of the Obvious’ by Jack Trout and Stay hungry and Stay Foolish’, you can see the names have changed but the one thing that remains constant is Books.

Books are one thing that is never going to die. Hard covers may die because of technology but the idea of reading is never going to die because you can build your body at Gym but Mind demands a dad poor dad

In the contemporary world, where the people have no respect for rules and there’s very less regard for status quos, it is important that people are well aware of paradigms, so that they can think differently and break it. You owe the different thinking to these books. You can develop an understanding of the world by travelling but the thing about traveling is, it’s not free. Here is a list of must read books for every entrepreneur. If you are one of them, read through all of them and do not forget to decipher the meaning hidden in quotes.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: When Robert Kioyeski wrote this book, he was not aware of the revolution he was about to create. He changed the way people think of asset and liability in the contemporary world.

This one book tells you about the rat race and tells you how to come out of it. Robert has taken the liberty to attack the education policy followed throughout the world and this quotes from the book, justifies it: “What is missing from education is not how to make money but how to spend money—what to do after you make it’. Quotes and the analysis presented in the book, makes it one of the must read books.

connecting the dotsConnect the Dots: This book comes from the Star author of Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish but read Connect the Dots first because it is about the real life entrepreneurs whereas the former deals with the stories of IIM-A grads who made it large. The contemporary India needs more of local stories, which not only tells but also ‘shows how it’s done’.

how i braved anu aunty and co founded a million dollar companyRashmi Bansal is a star authoress, her every book is worth a read. You can also read ‘I have a Dream’ for some amazing inspiring stories from small towns of India. Read all that you can to know what is good and what is bad but also read books which are entitled as ‘must read books’ to know what it takes to be successful.

How I braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company: till a year or two this book was not my favorite but now that Varun Agrawal—the author of the book—has turned into an investor, it is logical to read this book. A story that talks about an engineer looking for opportunities to drop out of college to start something on his own but forced by Family and society—read Anu Aunty—to complete his one torturous year of engineer before starting a company and making a millions is an inspiring tale of courage and passion. You will have to work harder than ever to make it large but at the end of the day, it is going to be worth it.

It Happened in IndiaIt Happened in India: Kishore Biyani the Founder of Future Group talks about his adventures with Raw Indian Retail Market. His insights about the obsolete Indian market and how he built Big Bazaar from scratch is motivating and awe inspiring. Goose Bumps and inspiring thoughts are going to a common experience while you read through the book. This one book is going to motivate you to leave everything and make the most of the opportunities in the contemporary India.

choose-yourself by james altucherChoose Yourself by James Altucher: This one book is for everyone who is looking forward to change the course of his or her life. The author challenges every status quo in the book and leaves you with an astonishing expression on your face.

Life is too short to think of consequences and not do what you always wanted to do. Steve Jobs once said, ‘The heaviness of Being successful was replaced by the joy of being a beginner again’, so do not worry about failures, do what you desire to do and set an example.

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