Gati to invest in logistics startups  


logisticsYou know, something has definitely changed when a enterprises which were least known starts looking for opportunities to invest and help innocuous startups grow.

When we talk about India, we will have to agree that a lot has changed in last one year, today we are the third largest startup community in the world and today we are also the hottest FDI destination. Today India is not worried about the falling international market and we are least vulnerable because of China’s crashing economy, you know why, because we are setting things striaght and we are building our own economy from scratch.

The simple idea of reforming rules and decreasing corruption will bring India back on track, was the most repeated slogan by journalists and intellectuals. Modi Government focussed on the same and what we see today is really impressive.

Every giant from Infosys, Google, Microsoft and Apple, all of them are looking forward to invest in Indian startups and leverage them with the requisite boost. Combine Make in India, Startup India, standup India and MUDRA Yojana campaigns and you will see an extremely impressive opportunity to start a business.

Gati is one of the most reputed logistics company in the world; they have helped hundreds of enterprises in deliverying quality products to clients at the right time. They have also worked with International brands and ensured timely delivery.

Now that the company has grown strong in market, it aims to serve and help other startups in the vertical. Gati has planned to start investing logistics startups. Comnig times we will see Gati helping new companies shape into the real companies. When a logistic startup will be funded by Gati, it will not only acquire money but will also be able to access free counselling from an existing expert and will also be able to see how the logistics giants actually work.

Lucky are going to be the logistics startups who will get funded by Gati because a new level of confidence will also be shared along with the money. Problems will start disappearing like a thin sand because of the experts who will be guiding them at every step of business development.

The total challenges will go to gutter because Gati will ensure every support required by the startups and will ensure that they do really good in the long run.

Coming are the exciting times for logistics startups, it is going to be all fun and entertainment. Work will look easier and targets will turn achievable.


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