Great Autobiographies by Business Minded People  


The best way to be a master is to follow a master. You cannot be everywhere with the master and learn personally from him or her but you can always read their books and follow their teachings or learn from experiences.

The best way of learn about business is follow those who have made a difference or achieved a goal similar to yours. Developing a direction connection with Steve Jobs is something immortal and impossible but then you can read his autobiography and understand how he over came challenges with the help of innovation.

Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson is an Autobiography Steve urged Issacson to write on his behalf. The book was written over the course of three years and today it stands as the epic tale of Courage and Intuition. Steve always coaxed people to follow their institution. Steve explained that ‘our inner selves somehow are always aware of desires and passions’.

You may probably a fan of Steve’s work and consider his book as the gospel but to your surprise there are more amazing autobiographies. There are even more exquisite stories to be read and learnt from.

Here is a list of autobiographies of some of the greatest minds in business:

Miracles happen-Mary kay Ash: Mary was a woman of substance and had started a cosmetic business at an early age in life. In this book she talks about her experiences of building a business from scratch. Mary also talks about the hurdles she faced and how innovation came to her rescue always!

great autobiographies

IACOCCA- LEE IACOCCA: Lee was named as the 18th greatest CEO of all times. He rebuilt his automobile business after being bankrupt and changed the way people travel. He used to work for Ford until he was fired after a spat with the HENREY FORD II; then he went to Chrysler and rebuilt it from the bankrupt situation.

This autobiography is for all the broken souls and for the entrepreneurs who all are too scared to start.

great autobiographies

Direct from DELL- Michael Dell:

Michael was a man of courage. With biggies like HP and IBM in market, it was really difficult to build a business that will impress people from the remotest corners of the world but Michael did built one and named it Dell.

This book is for all those people who think that there is idea is already being used by biggies in the market. Dear entrepreneurs, it is time for you to look for loopholes and start building the dell of your field.

great autobiographies

Pour your Heart into it: How Starbucks built a company one cup at a time- Howard Schultz:

Starbucks is now the alternative for a good cup of coffee. They have changed the way people consume coffee. The business culture has been really influenced by their amazing product. The book will spew lessons on customer relation and satisfaction. The book is going to help you understand the opportunities better.

The innovation and the passion to create something good is all you need to make a million dollar company on your own.

great autobiographies

There are umpteen numbers of challenges on the roads to success but then there are these Neon Lights—books—to guide you.


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