A Guide To Virtual Team For An Entrepreneur

A Guide To Virtual Team For An Entrepreneur

The world is progressing at a greater pace, “Agree” or “Deny” ??? Obviously, it is a statement to “Agree” upon. The trend and culture are getting innovated in better terms and for a better living. Transition in every small thing is the result of development and enhancement in the present era. One of the biggest transitions evolved in the present generation is “Virtuality”. Numerous virtual tools have advancement for the help of virtual teams. The emergence of Virtuality has showered a ray of hope, aspiration and the desire to progress in order to make something very big.

A Guide To Virtual Team For An Entrepreneur

The virtual world operates with the help of “Virtual teams”. So, when a group of members gets involved in a task you are in a better position to summon a good amount of ideas, knowledge and intellectual thoughts.

What Made Virtual Teams Go Successful ?
Well..!! Due to the super internet and computer devices, virtual teams are able to carry out the work effectively. The emergence of the internet has made their work easier to a greater extent as working with people from around the world has become very easy and quite flexible. Virtual teams make sure to carry out all the work behind the screen without hosting any sort of face- to face meetings. One more thing that makes Virtuality widely accepted is that it offers great scope for learning a variety of stuff from numerous people around the world.

Virtual Teams: People Who Drive Work Into Success:
Virtual team has to put in a great effort to cope with all the project, meetings, services and much more very consciously. Because they tend to work from behind the computer screen. One can only see the work of virtual team because they are physically absent. Virtual teams are required to work cordially with all the transition networks and hubs to achieve good. Virtual teams do the toughest job because they cannot project their compassion and zeal face to face. So, it becomes increasingly important for them to develop appealing content or work.

Qualities to be developed by a virtual team member:

  • To know how to make use of online tools.
  • To stay productive and effective at work.
  • To avoid negligence.
  • Ability to decide the appropriate tool.
  • Stay focused and aware of all the challenges.

How Can A Virtual Team Make Their Work Easy- Going ?
To make the work easier all they have to do is choose the best “TOOLS”. There are plenty of software and tools available on the web, which makes it difficult to choose the best one. Because each one of it specializes and features some of the best use in different terms. So when that is the case, you should make sure to pick the one that fulfills your need to the best and also the one that is easily accessible, affordable and usable.

Points To Ponder: In The Journey To Decide The Best Tools Set
So, before finalizing the online tool for effective work process make sure you do the following:

  • Firstly, make a list of tools already been used by the members because it pictures all the pros and cons effectively.
  • Then segregate them into categories depending upon their usage, features, functions, accessibility etc.
  • Then select which one would your communication process, be it real- time or time- shifted communications.
  • Next, make sure if your team members are comfortable with the selected tool. And check if it matches their skill set. If not help them learn the usage with the help of some videos or demos.
  • Put that into use and use it optimally.

Above all, make sure you use the tool your team is familiar with. And also make sure that it matches your companies or working atmosphere’s protocol with respect to secrecy and confidentiality

Some Of The Tools Used By The Virtual Teams Include:
Tools very commonly used are: Doodle, Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Google drive, Google docs etc.

Alternative are: OnlyOffice, MediaWiki, Rocketchat, Moreganize, ProtonMail, Jitsi, Loomio, Aktivix etc.

Guide To Virtual Team For An Entrepreneur

How Virtual Teams Manage To Stay Competitive Globally ?
Virtual team has a very good scope to reach globally. With their best efforts and dedication they can make the distance and cultural difference their advantage. What do you think are the possible hindrance a virtual team has to face to go global ??

Well..!! It might be language, time zones, geographical distance, the difference in opinions, cultural diversity, techniques and tools and above all physical absence.

So, What they got to do in such circumstances ? Despite being absent for face to conversation, Virtual team can do miracles and wonders. All you have to do is :

  • To acquire the maximum from your work, make sure you learn the diversity and geographical barriers widely.
  • Do some learning exercises and get involved with your team in better coaching.
  • Drive good collaboration with all your abilities and creativity.
  • Try to focus on tactics that help you improve your communication skill set.
  • Get yourself trained to manage global deal effectively.
  • Sharpen your leadership qualities.
  • Make sure to design, tailor and manage things perfectly.

Want To Know ? How To Make A Virtual Team Function Effectively ???
Firstly, remember a virtual team does not work face to face. So, when that Is the case the members of the team should focus on communication which involves writing (text messages), reading and listening (video calls or audio calls). So, when you work virtually you got to be very attentive towards every message or email or notifications that pop on your screen.

Depending on the work and meeting, make sure to decide what you are actually going to do and how you are going to do. Say, Foe example, Consider selecting the best tool according to the communication zone and time be it real time or time shifted. Be clear, concise and up to the content to make your work successful. Because apart from the tools it largely depends on your skill, work and compassion.

Being A Virtual Team, How Would You Run Meeting Effectively ???
Do you want to make your virtual meeting like an actual face to face one ? Then all you have to do is to build effective plans and strategies to commence the meeting successfully. Pen down some protocol to conduct the meeting in a specific manner.

In such cases, “Agenda” serves as the helping hand as it details the contents of the meeting and also allow a member to add any of the left discussing issues.

Agenda to be prepared by a virtual team for a virtual meeting:

  1. Introduction also called as “Check- in” where you are allowed to salute on a positive note before you step to begin.
  2. Roles and responsibilities of facilitator, keeper etc.
  3. Allocating the date of the meeting. This is very important to check people’s availability on time and date.
  4. Agree to the contents of the agenda.
  5. Now, record the decision of the meeting to refer in the future.
  6. Read out all the decision once again, so that people get a clear cut idea.
  7. The last comes the conclusion or say “Check- out”.

A good and descriptive agenda would help you conduct the meeting in a fair manner without any discord and misfortunes.

Now, Do you aspire to have a harmonious virtual meeting ?
Well..!! If you desire so, then keep in mind to follow some of the crucial elements while you are in a virtual meeting:

  • Be clear about what, how and when you are required to take decisions in an instant.
  • Put off all the other screens or tabs opened on your desktop, as this will enable you to pay better attention.
  • Play your role accurately and do not take up much work upon yourself. Because at the end of the day, a little negligence would cost more.
  • Have a good headphone or microphone for better listening and clear conversing.
  • Set appropriate duration to commence the meeting on time and end on time.
  • Make proper and timely use of mute and unmute buttons.
  • Try your best to make your point clear and precise.
  • Do not do any sort of parallel chats and discussions.
  • Make use of an international meeting planner to plan effectively for time shifted communication.
  • Prepare a good guideline with respect to the meeting for better understanding.

If you are in a video chat or conducting meetings through video, then make you make use of hand and chat signals. Hand signals help you better to do gestures. And chat signal are very easy to apply as it involves typing up “meaning enfilled letters” into the chat window Example: “h” stands for hand which means that you would like to tell or speak something on your turn.

Apart from a full virtual meeting, there is blended meeting and events where a face to face meeting happens, but at the same time, people from different geographical boundaries call in and become a part. These types of meetings happen in a lot of company.

But, the work of virtual teams is also not an easy job because they face numerous challenges and pitfalls in their ways. As they deal with a variety of projects from different countries and region. Some of the common challenges that turn to be a barrier are communication, skill set, disparities, and many other factors which include trust, belief and sharing up of ideas.

Therefore, Virtuality and virtual teams can do wonders provided they work towards setting a worthy benchmark. Because a successful virtual manager is goal oriented and focused.

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