Highlights from Mark Zuckerberg’s first Q&A Session in India

World’s youngest Billionaire was in the capital city of the country to host the first ever Facebook Q&A session India. IIT Delhi was selected as the prestigious venue for this much-awaited session powered by Facebook.

Q&A Town hall Session

Facebook Q&A Town hall session is a trademark program where, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chairman of Facebook answers queries related to Facebook and the future of Internet. Last month, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi attended a Town Hall session at Facebook’s head quarter, where he invited the world to come and invest in India.

In recent past, Facebook had to face sheer criticism in India on the topic of Net Neutrality. Mark has come across media citing that he and team at Facebook are in favor of Net Neutrality but then Internet.org seems to be a complete violence of the same. Some of the questions thrown at mark at the concluded Q&A Town Hall session where inspired from this controversy.

Looking forward, here we are going to discuss the highlights of the first ever Facebook Q&A Town Hall session in India:

Mark’s love for India

 Mark started his session by saying, He loves India and He loves the Energy here. He discussed the past where he was sad and depressed and was looking forward to sell Facebook and start something else but then how a visit to India changed his life for better. He also forced the statement; We cannot connect the world without connecting India.

 Q&A Town hall Session

Mark on Internet.org

Mark happens to be the youngest billionaire and his said wealth comes from his entrepreneurial journey. He is good at solving problems and amazingly superb at innovation. In his discussion on Internet.org, he elaborated the three-step approach to making the world a well-connected place. Out of the three, the first step talks about the problem, second talks about costs and the third and the final step talks about the opportunity.

Availability: Lack of access to Internet, smartphones and laptops are pushing young and brilliants minds of the country backward.

Affordability: Expensive Data plans, expensive Internet services and slow speed.

Awareness: Internet.org provides everyone with the basic access to Internet. You can surf a set of sites for free and use the available information for improving your life.

Mark also added that Internet.org supports Net Neutrality and gave a supporting argument. A lot of people are going to buy that argument but a huge chunk of mass is going to reject it.

Mark on Candy Crush

 How to stop receiving candy crush requests on Facebook was one of the most voted questions on the thread. Mark was aware of the question hence he came all prepared. The Facebook is looking into the issue and soon there is going to be a solution of this.

Mark on Mistakes and Entrepreneur

Mark is the qui-essential entrepreneur; he is the ideal to look up on to when in need of motivation. Mark discussed the mistakes he made on the way to building a successful brand. He admitted that, he has committed every mistake on the block and he also said that it was those mistakes that made him successful.

Mark asked the young minds to look for strong co-founders because a team is very important for the development of startup. When you have a team you can easily soak up the pressure and do something out of box.

Amber Alert

This amazing Facebook feature is active in USA and Canada and is soon going to be available in varied parts of the country. The feature helps people deal with natural calamities in real time. One can make efficient use of this feature and locate a lost child in the locality. This way people will be able to solve their problems on their own.
Last year when Facebook completed its decade on the block, Zuckerberg said, this is just the beginning. If you have an intricate look at the developments made by Facebook in recent past, you will surely admit, it’s just the beginning.


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