Hiring Fixes And Solutions For Entrepreneurs To Raise The Quality Of Hiring

Hiring Fixes And Solutions for Entrepreneurs To Raise The Quality Of Hiring for Their Startups

People in the recruiting job face dramatic challenges in their work. Firstly, they have to deal with humans, who are highly uncertain and unpredictable by nature. Secondly, they have to adhere to the requirements of the organization and the concerned management. They come as a helping hand to the organization in finding the right person, for the right job, at the right time. The credit of recruiting a better personnel comes to them at the same time, they are lashed out for recruiting an under- performing and undesirable candidate. Hiring is actually a tedious task with no appropriate formula.

When you set out on a mission of hiring employees or candidates for your concern you got to be very cautious and diligent. Because the process of recruitment may give an easy way to commit mistakes. And with this piece of article we bring into some of the common and awful mistakes committed by the recruiting desk and the solutions to fix those recruiting or hiring mistakes. A good recruitment operation can be successfully executed only if you put an effort to fix the problem.

Hiring Fixes And Solutions for Entrepreneurs To Raise The Quality Of Hiring for Their Startups

1. Hunting for a perfect candidate:
Hunting down for the candidate, to tick the boxes mentioning all the attributes is a time- consuming process. Because a person may definitely not be full- fledged with all the traits required for the company. Doing this would lead to loss of quality candidates.

What to do..?
When you are on a hunt for the right candidate, make sure you analyze and gather something about the personality of the candidate. Check if the candidate can fit into the culture and the team of your organization. Because personality of a person could not be changed, though you can mold the skill set of the candidate, according to the nature of job and organization. So go ahead with identifying the right characteristics and later screen the skill set and competency.

2. Lack of clarity in what you need:
Many recruiters lack clarity in knowing what they actually want or what they are actually looking for. Because the need and thoughts regarding hiring a person by the hiring manager may not match with the job description of the management. So in such case you are likely to be caught in a clumsy problem.

What to do..?
Ask a plenty of questions to yourself, as the answer to this, would give you a clarity. Look beyond the job description to know what kind of candidate you actually need to hire. Analyzing would help you better to learn the traits and attributes actually required to fill in a particular position.

3. Negligence in planning ahead:
The recruitment operation requires a well- built plan. Workforce planning is very crucial and should be done ahead. Negligence in forecasting may lead to the arrival of lots of problems like stretching of a process, excessive spending, urgent decisions, inability to cope with changes etc.

What to do..?
To develop a good plan. Make an effort to check the data’s of the company regarding the current manpower. So that you can plan the required manpower to fill in the vacancies. Identify some of the key areas like the mode of recruiting, area to spend on, easy and difficult recruiting areas, a period of hiring, etc. So a well- built plan can help you better in carry out the things in an appropriate manner.

4. Not being transparent with the candidate:
The hiring manager does not tend to be transparent with the candidate regarding the company culture and the job aspects. Which later leads to the disappointment of the candidate. They try producing the job aspects in a positive way. But when the expectation mismatches with the reality, things turn ugly for both the company and the candidate.

What to do..?
So a hiring manager or the concerned official can stay transparent by striking the right amount of balance between the positive and negative aspects of both the company and the job. This would help the candidate to know the company and the job better with real instincts. Feel free to let them know the challenges as well as the benefits.

Fixes And Solutions for Entrepreneurs To Raise The Quality Of Hiring

5. Lack of effort in employer branding:
A good sale comes with a good marketing, the same way a recruitment operation succeed’s with a good employer branding. Many hiring managers fail to do sufficient employer branding. Which leads to an insufficient number of candidates enrolling for interviews with the concerned company. Thereby decreasing the volume and quality of good hires.

What to do..?
Be very unique and precise in representing yourself to the candidate. Express your mission and values in a descriptive, yet concise manner. Make use of images, video, messages impart the best about the company the culture. Spread yourself on the social media to draw attention from the prospective candidate. Altogether employer branding can pull in 3.5 times more application than the usual way.

6. No proper examination on reference checks:
Hiring managers are often tricked by the interviewees, which makes the manager feel that they have hired a great candidate. Thereby they feel, examining and conducting a reference check a waste of time. As they as fall prey for blind trust.

What to do..?
The best thing a hiring manager can do is conducting a good reference check process, by designing a well structured and scripted set of question. As it would help you gather a lot of data for better assessment of the candidate. The employer should make sure to contact someone who can comment genuinely on the working nature and aspects of the candidate Eg: Management level officials.

7. You are probably not looking at the right place:
If you are the recruiter or a hiring manager of a well- reputed company, then looking for a candidate by posting an advertisement in a newspaper, social media or a variety of job link website is not an optimum choice. Because performer does not surf job sites.

What to do..?
Take help from experienced employees in own concern to develop a plan to target the candidate in a different set of field. Make a plan and execute a comprehensive search so that you target only the desirable candidates with the set of competency. This will speed up your hiring missing as well as reduce the amount of risk.

Hiring Fixes And Solutions for Entrepreneurs To Raise The Quality Of Hiring

8. You do not hear the candidates in interviews:
Finding someone appropriate from a large pool of candidate is a tricky task. One of the common mistake what the hiring manager does is, they talk and sell the job opportunities of the company rather than asking questions and evaluating the candidate. They fail to analyze the competency, skill set and personality of the candidate by not allowing them to express.

What to do..?
So if you want to speak about the job opportunities and the aspects of the company, then make it a point to do that as a telephonic interview. And make sure that you allow the candidate to do the talking by enticing him in the personal face to face interview. This would help you understand the candidate better and sooner, if you lend ears.

9. Rejection and feedback:
Hiring manager unexpectedly causes damage to the employer brand by not giving feedbacks to the candidates interviewed though not selected. Considering the fact that they do not play a role in the company, but their experience plays a crucial role in driving employer brand. The candidate would step back if the company carries a bad reputation.

What to do..?
Have a well defined and a structured process to communicate and co- ordinate with the candidate to provide feedbacks. If you are not able to give them feedbacks in the due course of time, then let them know the problem you are facing. Make sure you execute the feedback procedure within the specified time.

10. Not keeping proper track on the result:
Tracking down the amount expended, the enrollment of candidates, quality and process of recruiting operation, etc. would help you know the figures correctly. Measuring the results would allow you to take corrective action in the deviating path. But many hiring managers fail to take advantage from these results.

What to do..?
So if you desire to have improvement in your hiring process, then make sure you maintain all the data in a spreadsheet. Make timely updates on the data and track the areas that require immediate attention. Doing this you come out with a better decision and beneficial policy.

Therefore, hiring is quite a serious a tedious task. One cannot completely perfect the hiring operation, but the hiring manager could definitely avoid poor hiring with these fixes and solutions.

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