How To Generously Terminate The Non-Performing Professional?

How To Generously Terminate The Non-Performing Professional

“You are fired”..!!! Do you think saying this is very easy and effortless ? Well..!!! Not at all, it is the most difficult and painful thing and person undergoes in an enterprise. Hiring and firing both are very crucial part of any company. It requires a great deal of effort and good sense. You cannot fire someone unethically or intentionally because it is the matter of someone’s life and livelihood.

How To Generously Terminate The Non-Performing Professional

When you start your enterprise you have a lot of aspirations and dream to live and mend. So, when that is the case, What if any of the co- founder or employee is not giving their 100% effort to achieve the targets or goals efficiently ? What would you do ? Or What should you actually do ? How can you stay fair and appropriate during such circumstance ? Well…!!! The appropriate thing to do in good spirit to protect your company as well as the interest of the other associate member would be to fire him or make him leave the enterprise in good terms.

Now, the main question here is How would you actually perform the act of removal or firing ? OK…!! So calling the concerned person for a big meeting and pointing out all his flaws brutally in front of others and asking him to pack the bags and leave is very cruel and inhuman. Or in another way simply calling up a person and asking him to leave the job without any prior consent or information would shake his life miserably. Therefore, it is very important that the CEO or any other authority, handle the termination in a good and rightful way.

Thereby, the rightful thing to do would be to handle the termination case with sheer grace and care. Being fair to a human is the ultimate justice you do to any mankind. Because building a company and raport depends on the people who work with your team. And if things do not work despite several warnings or issues, then termination is the ultimate solution. The below- mentioned points portray a better idea on a good note to follow during the termination process.

  1. Have The Reason And Explanation:

So, when you decide to terminate the person, take the call to the board members. Tell them who you want to terminate ? Why do you want to terminate ? Because an appropriate reason would call for good action. But then, If you are unclear with your thoughts and answer, then you are wasting time and effort. With all your leadership skill set to portray all the facts and terms in a definite manner. A good presentation of the issue would summon all the support.

  1. Research And Understand:

Despite being talented and competent, some tend to be very laid back with negative attitude. So, in such cases, it would be a better option to inform and get some information about the concerned person from the labor attorney. Learn all the single details about his entitlements and employment contract. So that you can stay fair in the termination process. Understanding petty things is important because only then you can set a leaving package for him appropriately.

  1. Render Benefits:

Inform your staffing and finance team about the termination. So that they could serve him with appropriate packages and benefits. Example: A package with three months salary or bonus. Extend your hands better to render benefits so that the person does not feel humiliated. Above all treat them in a very generous manner. Make them understand the reason for their termination. So that they leave your enterprise as a satisfied soul.

  1. Be Conscious:

When you deal with your co- founder be conscious and alert because they are people emotionally associated with your business from the very beginning. Hence it is very essential that you stay fair and generous to them. Stick to the framed agreements and conditions to be rightful. Stay reasonable and fair on both courts.

  1. Do Not Take A Decision In Haste:

Sometimes you might get so frustrated that a poor performance or sale would drive you to fire your co- founder. But then you should understand that it might not be a co- founders fault always. Because the market unpredictable environment can turn anything off into a bad fortune. So hold yourself and think twice before making any sort of decision.

  1. Do It On A Mutual Basis:

If you plan to terminate, then bring up all the performance oriented files and present it in front of the concerned person whom you desire to terminate. Show them the goals and accomplished one, show them the role played by them, point the negligence and work done by them. The motto here is making him agree his disparities and conduct termination in agreeable terms.

Therefore, all you got to do is stay frank and communicate well with the co- founders or the concerned person to come up with a better solution. Above all, consider researching and understanding about all the attributes of your company. Because even a non- competitive and improper market analysis would hamper growth. And when that is the case firing or termination is not going to perfect the misfortunes.

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