India Africa takes ties to a new level by involving startup community

India Africa

India Africa

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister allocated a $600 Million sum for grant assistance in Africa. With this move, he acquired an immovable support from African leaders on Indian startups and investor working/investing in African nations.

Indian Prime Minister also answered to the call of monitoring mechanism by African leaders on the grant provided and agreed to form a cell that will monitor the movement of resources meticulously.

A week before the summit started, Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External Affairs India, enlightened press about the interest of Indian Startups in Africa. She urged the African government and people to come forward and welcome Indian investor and startups on their land. She also added that this tie would take India-Africa relation to a different level.

The Minister highlighted the potential of Indian manufacturing and processing industries. She urged the African community to come forward and cut down the measures for establishing a business in African. It is probably the first time in Indian History that a Prime Minister and MEA is urging the counterparts to help Indian startups establish a unit in their country.

India Africa

Indian startups on the other hand are looking forward to make the most of this opportunity. Let alone the startups even the global leaders are looking forward to acquire the best of available opportunities.

At the 3rd India-Africa summit, the MEA, Sushma Swaraj, asked the African countries to come and join hands with India. India identifies Africa as a land of mass opportunities, abundant resources and youthful demography.

Today is the right time for the Indian Startups to go beyond numbers and available data. Now is the time to go and make a dent in the world. There are going to people criticizing and there are going to be setbacks but the huge available potential will surely turn you into a success and that day everyone will appreciate your efforts.

On the other hand, Make in India, as a campaign is providing the African Startups with the requisite support and exposure. It is not important for them to establish an industry in order to regulate. Small steps are going to be really beneficial in the long run but for now the focus should on developing a plan that will benefit the locals there.

Startup is the new way of doing something you always wanted to do. No other job in the world pays you better; you can be the superman and save the world. This expedition of going out, meeting people and learning from their experiences is going to help you develop services and products that will not only solve problems but will also make the world a better place to live.

So, keep all the doubts at the bay and give your unique a chance. If you are in doubt, then it is time for you to go out and test your idea. You will have to test your idea on varied platforms and ensure that you are improving at regular intervals.

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