Indian Government to Cut Corporate Taxes and promote Entrepreneurship

Indian Government to Cut Corporate Taxes

Gone are the days when Indian government were euphemist, today they are brazenly modern and are looking forward to adopt every change that helps India tame the world. With the increased ease of doing business and around $100 Million investment every week, the country aims to change the notion people from around the world have developed.

Indian Government to Cut Corporate Taxes and promote Entrepreneurship
Indian Government to Cut Corporate Taxes and promote Entrepreneurship

When Prime Minister talks about Skill India, he also ensures that every small business is provided with the requisite fund through MUDRA Yojana; when Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about Toilet for every school he ensures that every corporate indulges into Corporal Social Responsibility and also saves money on taxes.

2015 is the perfect time to start a business in India. With the increased FDI limits, job opportunities are going to increase but it is no excuse to not startup. Government is not only working for increasing FDI but also concentrating on Make in India, use this opportunity meticulously and give your life a new direction.

Ahead of FY2017, Central Government of India is busy creating a roadmap through which it can cut down corporate taxes further. It is important to let the world know that Modi Government did cut down taxes for the FY15-16. If the Government is successful in cutting down taxes or provides rebates via subsidies then India’s stature will increase and FDI will see a new boost. Companies who were reluctant till now will stand first in the queue for acquiring license.

With Swamy Subramanium Declaring Rahul Gandhi a British Citizen, Congress is already on backfoot and NDA is now specaluating an opportunity of running Parliament successfully during winter term. If NDA government is succcesful in running Parliament this winter then GST bill will see daylight.

Yes! GST Bill will be a reality and those who are citing lack of Majority in Rajya Sabha are least informed that GST Bill is a Money Bill, which requires no clearance from Rajya Sabha. Once Lok Sabha passes a Money Bill, it is to be implemented. Rajya Sabha can only send amendment requests and nothing else.

With GST Bill becoming a reality, Indian consumers will also experience relief. The decreased and simplified taxes will help Indians acquire best of services with great ease.

Indian Government is speculating the chances of curbing corporate taxes but at the same time they are very much serious about Corporal Social Responsibility because it has got Supreme Court involved in it.

The main motive of government is to help farmers, service sector people; once the taxes on warehousing and storage are reduced or removed these people will have enough money to live their life instead of only surviving it. The new government has already strengthen the lower strata of people by providing them Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and 1Rupee a Month insurance.

The new rules are going to come under play once the Finance Minister presents the Budget in 2016. On the other new rules and regulations related to GST Bill will also bring in a lot of changes in the business environment.

In the coming five years, the world is going to witness a new India emerging. The rise of India on the global level will change the way world eye’s India. Increased FDI and properly formulated Make in India campaign are going to help country achieve more than what a government can speculate.