Indian Prime Minister Modi Insistent about Governance Reforms

Governance Reforms a priority

Governance Reforms a priority

 In what came as a blow for UPA in May, 2015 was a moment of cherish for NDA and the fellows of the country. Today the world looks up to India with respect. The global creed of Entrepreneurs and Investors are enthusiastic about investment in a country like India. With the increasing FDI and the ever-decreasing issues of investment, India has laid a carpet for the enterprises to come and invest.

Prime Minister of India is on his second visit to US; he conducted a meeting with the Top CEOs of USA, where he discussed his priorities and also made it sure that he pitches the idea of Make in India. Make in India is an initiative started by the contemporary Indian Government. The Government aims to attract investment, industrialisation and Job creation opportunities inside the country.

The Prime Minister pressurised that Governance Reforms is the top most priority of his government. He made sure that the CEOs are taken in confidence for investment and for establishment of new links and factories in the country.

“Please continue to do more what you are doing. May be slightly faster,” said the spokesperson of External Affairs Ministry. The statement presents a viscous image of India’s desperation towards impressing these entrepreneurs and investors, which is good because no other country offers what India has got. With China’s economy in decline, India is going to emerge as the center of manufacturing, trade and services.

Governance Reforms a priority

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is all set to attend the event of Startup Konnect, where he will be listening to varied business ideas of entrepreneurs from India and from around the world. The six day US visit of PM, includes visiting the Head Quarters of Internet Giants like Google and Facebook.

In other news, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has already invited Narendra Modi for attending a Town Hall Q&A session, where students from varied creed and countries will be discussing the possibilities of business and community development with the Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi, for sure has helped India in acquiring a paradigm shift; the country is back into demand and the increasing growth rate is an evidence of the same. The increased FDI, the proper allocation of Coal blocks and Spectrum in the Country are few appreciable results of the efforts government made in the last one year.

A glorious 3 years and 6 months lie in front of the Modi Government and it is going to be really interesting to witness taking India taking on to the world with its entrepreneurial skills and vision. India is rising and the correct image of the country portrayed by the contemporary Prime Minister is providing it with the requisite boost.

“The government has already undertaken a massive amount of reforms. Key message from the US companies was keep doing what you are doing. I had a great meeting, there was a constructive dialogue in the spirit of collaboration. We are looking at India trying to get foreign direct investment,” J P Morgan CEO James Dimon said.

CEOs from around the world have been praising the steps taken by the contemporary Indian government, it is going to be worth watching.

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