Indian Rural Startups to look for in 2015

rural startups

 It is the rural India that is going to change the fate of this country. Indian cities have been development for decades now but they have failed to help India climb up the ladder. India ranks lower than Pakistan when it comes to being Happy. India ranks lower than Canada when it comes to life expectancy and India ranks lower than Australia when it comes to rural development.

rural startupsVarious industrialists, Philanthropists and Nationalists have tried to bring India on the global page by solving the problems of Urban India but even after getting the problems eradicated, we have failed to rise up as a nation. The reason is ignorant attitude towards rural India. It is only by developing Rural India that we can expect the country to rise up the ranking.

India is undergoing breathtaking reforms while the opposition in the parliament is left flabbergasted, the entrepreneurs and the people from business sector are really happy and hopeful.

Here is a list of entrepreneurs and their startups that are working for a better rural India. These entrepreneurs are no less than Nationalists; they have started with the weaker section and are trying to convert it into a Brand that the world will love and respect:

desiDesi Crew, the Rural Job: Saloni Malhotra started this startup with a desire to leverage women and men in rural India with jobs. The Desi Crew provides people with BPO jobs in their villages and towns. The startup follows a unique mechanism and focuses on the development of rural India by empowering people living in those areas. The startup also concentrates on bringing down the brain drain rate. With rural startups having job opportunities people will be able to retain their values and earn as well.


Evomo, Founder : Abhinav Kumar This 27-year-old engineer decided to solve the transport problem of the rural India. He believes in solving real world problem with his education and also with the experience he had in early lives. He is concentrating on the transport sector in rural India and is aiming for breath taking changes in the coming times. He aims to develop transport facilities that carry goods along with people helping rural India communicate better with the market in the Urban India.

nanoNanoPix: This is a tech startup founded by Sasiekar Krish. The enterprise makes use of low quality cameras and image reading software for sorting high-quality grains from low-quality ones. The sorting is done by camera and image processing software on the basis of color and the size of the grains. The developed software can also be used for analyzing infectious disease in blood.

The enterprise aims to solve the problems of rural India in the same part of the country, they are avoiding the migration by providing all high-quality services in the rural part of the country.

Indian entrepreneurs are ready to take a dig on the world; the rise of entrepreneurs from rural India aiming to bring in the requisite change is a good news for the world. With rural India capable enough to solve their problems on their own India will have the opportunity to grow tremendously.

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