Indian Startup Routesms invests 30 Cr for increasing reach and revenue

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Indian Startup Routesms invests 30 Cr for increasing reach and revenue
Indian Startup Routesms invests 30 Cr for increasing reach and revenue


A lot has been said and a lot more has been read about Indian Startup Community being under denial. With what we are witnessing everyday, it seems that the denial of Indian startup community was nothing but hoax. Indian Startup Community continues to grow at a neck breaking speed. The new set of rules, Incubation centers and upcoming tax deductions are going to fuel the speed of its growth.

While the government continues to carry on with reforms, Indigenous startups are on a roll. Seems like gone are the days when western and sub-continent companies where acquiring Indian startups. Today Indian startups are acquiring and investing. The new stint is graceful and it is going to help India emerge as the hub of elite startups.

Recently, PayTM acquired and YouWeCan invested in a Trademarking agency. Now Mobile messaging service provider Routesms is all set to invest 30 Cr INR to Widen Footprint. It is simply going to be one of the biggest investments made in 2015 by an Indian startup for expansion. Ratan Tata, PayTM and Snapdeal are the other investors in the list.

The huge investment of 30 Cr will help company (RouteSMS) increase its revenue by 50 percent. The new increased revenue will surpass total gross of 400 Cr in the financial year of 2016-17.

The company is all set to close its 2015-16 financial year with a revenue of 272 Crores.

Only 20 percent of the company’s revenues come from domestic clients, where it earns only 8-10 paise per SMS. The rest comes from its international operations where it gets up to Rs 2 per SMS, he said. The company is looking for expansion to Columbia, Kenya, Cameroon, Peru, Vietnam, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, he said adding much of the investment will be going into ramping up sales force.

The company also aims to hire 100 or 200 more employees and streamline its workflow. The increasing number of clients and super increasing traffic demands a better network. Enterprises will have to take a note of everything and act accordingly. There are going to be need of better servers and latest technologies for the efficient management. The elite panel of startup is looking forward to bring in the requisite change and make a difference by providing quality services at all costs.

The new set of motivation found by setting target of 400 Crore is something that is pushing the team to work harder than ever. The company will be setting examples with its revenue increasing up to 400 Cr in the next financial year. It is going to be an amazing thing for the Indian startup community.

Investors and founders from around the world are looking forward to set foots in India but the rate at which Indian startup community is growing seems ready to disturb them. The Indian startups are ready for a combat and it is only a matter of time that these startups will create a havoc across the globe.

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