India’s E-commerce Industry to touch $38 Billion mark in 2016

 2015 is over but India’s expedition has only started; Indian startup ecosystem has leveraged country with some amazing online portals to shop on be it Flipkart, Big Basket or Myntra. We Indians have surely found our own Amazon and Walmart. While we are grateful for the amazing online services there are entrepreneurs who are building the next big. Yes! In 2016 India’s ecosystem is going to touch new marks of success.

India’s E-commerce Industry to touch $38 Billion mark in 2016

Indian ecosystem has shown promising growth during the financial year of 2015. Indian e-commerce industry registered a growth of 67 percent, which helped the industry touch the mark $23 Billion. Indian E-commerce players are lucky enough to have a huge market but lets not give all credits to Indian population, what entrepreneurs have done with Big Basket and Flipkart is really amazing and they do deserve the fame and money.

If we go little back, we will be astonished to see that Indian E-commerce industry was worth only $3.8 Billions in 2009, which grew up to $23 Billions in 2015 and is bound to touch the mark of $38 Billions in the new year.

With the entry of new players like Freecharge and PayTM, who primarily were marketplace but have plunged into other verticals as well the total worth is bound to increase. A lot of people have had bad experiences with Flipkart and Homeshop18 during the initial days, which led to remorse among customers but new options are helping people get over the bad experiences.

There are varied contributing factors we need to speculate and consider while listing the reasons behind this amazing growth. India recently turned one billion strong when it comes to mobile phone users, which is bound to increase by 10 millions in the first quarter of the New Year. Apart of that the new policies of the central government are also contributing and helping people understand the worth of buying from startups

India’s new policy towards startups will not only help it acquire better ranking across the globe but will also improve the lifestyle of its people. When the people are provided with quality options then the price is bound to come down.

New Year is already here and e-commerce giants like Snapdeal and Myntra is all set to enamor customers by providing them with amazing discounts on varied products. The winter sales are on and people are going crazy at the sloshed prices. The varied verticals will notice huge growth while some of them are going to be steady through off seasons.

It is only when the year-end is near we can illustrate how impressive the growth was. Till then Startup Success Stories will keep providing you with the latest updates from varied industries and verticals.

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