Internet of Things startups making connecting to Cloud a layman task

The irreparable network system, highly efficient computer systems with competent knowledge of functioning is helping enterprises make the best use of Internet of Things. Consumers are equally benefited with these Internet of Things services.

The coming together of services like cloud storage, data analysis at real time and delivery system is creating a pool of opportunities for the enterprises. Developers and designers from around the world are investing their best of talent and time in preparing a system that runs on microcontrollers with low power consumption.

To make the efficient use of Internet of Things an enterprise needs to analyze the data properly and them make the best use of the same for serving customers with the best of experience.

Not a lot but yes, a few of courageous team of entrepreneurs from around the world have taken up the task of transforming the way Internet of Things is impacting the world. These entrepreneurs do not aim to impact the way companies use IoT and serve costumers rather these techies are interested in bridging the gap and making a better connection between the cloud, data and its efficient usages.
A list of Internet of Things startup that are making connecting to cloud a layman task are listed here:

Temboo : An American Startup based on IoT is now in India and it is breaking rules faster than anyone other enterprise. They have developed and devised a system that makes it incredibly easy for the developers to establish a connection between their sensors and the cloud network. Their main product is actually a middleware and it works to establish relations between sensors and clouds with a lot of efficiency. These services can also be used to integrate sensors with social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Thethings.iO : Started in Barcelona this Internet of Things startup aims to impact the services used by a layman in day-to-day life. The enterprise refers itself as the Amazon Web Services for IoT companies/startups. Thethings.iO is rather an enterprise that provides services related to the backend. They have developed software packages that work on low power consuming devices and establish proper relation with the cloud and data analytics software.

Xively : Xively is one of those Platform as a Service enterprises. It is also a division of the giant LogMeIn and it has helped a lot of enterprises from remotest corners of the world in using IoT for the betterment of the common man. They have developed software for Android and other devices like Arduino, their software develops a coy relation betwee the Cloud and IoT sensors.

The connection later acquires the access to the data analysis software to interpret the data and understand the needs and demands of the customer.

All these enterprises are working on the backend and are leveraging IoT startups with the requisite backbone to stand erect and support the needs of the people from around the world.

The efforts are to ensure that no IoT startup succumbs to the pressure of lack of backend and loses all its business.


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