Investors looking to invest in Indian startups run by youngsters

The investors of the Indian startups like Mu Sigma, Ola and Flipkart value wisdom and energy presently. Tech-savviness and experience thus take a back seat now. This theory had worked for them drastically and this is a factor that the investors like for pouring money in beyond all other some things.

Rajan Anandan’s name calls for the 11 investments he made so far. His call is for people who are right out of academics and have worked for 3 years before starting a venture. The CarWale, Sportskeeda, DailyObjects, Voonik are all new Startups with investments from venture capital firms. The investors want to fund the youngsters to add some boost to the fresh dreams beckoning in their eyes.

Similarly the Marquee venture capitalists are looking to find founders that are sure of their business and vision. Many of the other startups firms’ partners are aged less than 30 years and some even below that. The Orios Ventures have to say that the younger founders have an advantage over the older ones because of their growing up in the electronic era. The founders of startups in their twenties and thirties are able to give their prime years in setting a business up. They also have zeal to stay committed to their work in every way and pivot or adapt to changes. These are the factors that make the investors bet on them. All the legends in the Silicon Valley had signed the deals while in their twenties. These are now all billion dollar startups and they have all been founded by leaders aged less than 35.

The Silicon Valley investors have thus seen young entrepreneurs who have build very successful companies. Some of these younger entrepreneurs gave up college to shape their startups that have really skyrocketed to the utmost heights. The entrepreneur investors like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Patni Computers are also investing in youth ventures. Entrepreneurs should be able to learn through mistakes, and so even if they start at 30 they do not have the time to unlearn and relearn in the process said the founder of Mu Sigma, aged 29, reports sources. For the barely just out of teen entrepreneurs, they have to face some rush in learning fast in the different business meetings but they learn it all right. According to some they do not know much about people, finances, business and networking due to very less experience.

Vivek Wadhwa at the Stanford University differs in his views though about very young people becoming entrepreneurs. He has to say that the venture capital firms prefer the young entrepreneurs for they can control them more than the old. The older entrepreneurs are all much business savvy and they would not accept the terms that the investors offer them. This is the most happening thing in India because they are copying those of the Silicon Valley, he says. According to his research the average of an entrepreneur should be 39 and twice as many a successful entrepreneur are found to be over 5o rather than 35. Young entrepreneurs are risk takers but at some moments they are at a loss and have no vision whatsoever. They do not know how to manage the finances, people, businesses and also other key things. Therefore the best way is to have the old and the young working together, amalgamated for the best results, he said.

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