Israeli Technologies impacting lives of disabled

Israeli Technologies

Israeli Technologies

 What is the use of the technology in the contemporary world, if it doesn’t simplify the life of a paralyzed? What is the use of wearable if it hardly makes a difference in the life of a person suffering sense’s disorder? What is the use of grandeur technologies if they cannot solve the minor problems of a disabled man?

A technology that is not for disabled man is no technology in itself; it is simply a waste product of our efforts. Israel a country, which is generally referred to as a third world country understands the pain of disabled people better than any other country. They have developed an understanding of human requirement and have developed technologies that solve the problems of a disabled person.

Here we are going to discuss Israeli technologies that have changed the lives of Disabled people:

ReWalk: A wearable, designed specifically for people suffering from lower body paralysis. This one wearable allows the person to walk like a normal man. The ReWalk helps people in acquiring the lost strength of the spinal cord. The wearable has helped people in regaining the lost posture. ReWalk is not only a tech anymore it is a medical treatment and is accepted across the globe. This is one of the best Israeli Technologies you will ever come across.

Sesame Phone:

A quadriplegic IDF veteran came together with a game developer to this amazing smartphone that runs on touch-free technology. The phone is designed for handless people. People who have no hand or people suffering from paralysis can now make calls, surf the Internet, read on Internet and write on Internet with the help of this phone. Groundbreaking head tracking technology and voice activation systems are used in this phone to leverage a handless man with the power to read write and talk over the phone. This award-winning project is known to leverage 150,000 handless American children with the power to read and write. The company started shipping this phone to America in the March 2015. Probably one of the most popular Israeli Technologies in the United States.


You must be wondering after ReWalk and Sesame Phone what is other remarkable technology that simplifies the life of disabled people. OrCam is the best thing you will hear about today. This one technology allows blind people to actually see. OrCam is a wearable technology. The wearable glass has a camera that identifies the character and speaks it into the ear with the help of a bone-conduction earphone. This wearable technology has made it easier for the blind people to read newspaper and books in the real time. The company aims to develop a technology that will have features like facial recognition so that the person can know who is coming, interacting or trying to help him, without the person introducing him or her. Israeli Technologies are winning the world but nothing comes closer to the efficiency of OrCam.


This cool technology works on every computer, mobile devices and smart phones. The technology translates the unintelligible voices in a set of languages and helps other person understand the words of the person suffering from the disease. This one technology was selected as the most favorite technology for disables by Wall Street Journals 2014.

This is not it, Israeli Technologies are solving world’s food crisis.  They are also helping developing countries with Military Equipments.

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