Must watch movies for Entrepreneurs

Must watch movies for Entrepreneurs

 They say, ‘A picture is worth thousand words’ they say it right. A book helps you develop your imagination but a movie boosts your creativity. You can watch movies and understand the world better. A better understanding of the world is important for being a successful entrepreneur. You need to be someone who cherishes the offerings of the world and cares for the problems. You need to be someone with intricate knowledge of your surrounding in order to be a successful social entrepreneur.

the social networkA social entrepreneur is a businessman with no business plan while a serial entrepreneur is a businessman with more ideas and a little money. These movies are going to help you identify the traits of being successful. You can also learn how to innovate when challenges make it difficult for you to move.

The Social Network: This is one movie that talks about the real aspects of being an entrepreneur. No inspiring stuff, nothing remotely related to motivational. A raw experience of doing what you want to do and becoming successful. This movie takes into consideration the vulnerabilities of entrepreneurship. Measures the sacrifices and tells you about the innocuous moves you can make to lead your life the Entrepreneur way—read the Zuckerberg way.

 Must watch movies for EntrepreneursThe Pursuit of Happiness: This movie from 2006 has got to do very less with Entrepreneurship but there’s more you can relate to yourself with. What can you do for the real happiness of your life? What is that one thing you will leave everything for? It is about finding that one thing and giving it up everything else. This movie about dreams and passions while make you squirm in your seat so pay close attention and make sure it reaches your heart.


 Must watch movies for EntrepreneursMoney Ball: what will you do if your Baseball team is unable to play matches because there’s no money in account? You will leave your job and look for another. This inspiring character of manager played by Brad Pitt will coax you to challenge yourself and scale up your extremities. Watch it today and overcome your fears. If you have already failed then do not worry, consider it as a blessing in disguise and make the most of it.

Must watch movies for EntrepreneursWolf of Wall Street: You need to start by acquiring the share of Apple. You can start with Pink Slips and climb all the way up to Porsche and BMW. This one movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio is a treat for the entrepreneurs. Drugs, Sex and Pretty Models are the highlights of this movie but entrepreneurship is the soul. Watch it for the feel and you will in love with entrepreneurship.

Must watch movies for EntrepreneursIf you are incessant with your efforts you are definitely going to get there but it is going to be more fun if you carry your gang along. Entrepreneurship is going to help you in changing lives, you will be able to create jobs and you will be able to uplift the lives of people.

Pirates of Silicon Valley: This was a TV Serial made in 1999 and was turned into Movie after the realization of ‘creating something amazing’ dawned upon the producer. This movie takes into consideration the start of the Silicon Valley. Tells you about the rise of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs while companies like HP and IBM tackled each other in the share market.

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