NASA to Startups: Take our technology and change the world

From discovering water on Mars to passing by the Pluto; NASA has done it all in the recent past and probably is looking for a routine change. National Aeronautics and Space Administration of America is a name scientist and engineers long to work for.


It is this NASA that has re-defined the success rate of Space Mission. By establishing first footprints on Moon to becoming the first country to pass by the Former Planet Pluto. NASA has done all and is now looking forward to do something meaningful and different.

Being a hub of scientists and engineers from around the world, it is obvious that NASA has a great inventory of technologies and systems that could change the contemporary entrepreneurial system. NASA in a surprise for the world has decided to shell out its innovated and efficient technologies for the startup for free.

NASA administration said it in a press conference that founders of startups will be provided with free access of technology developed at NASA for building a better business and a better eco-system. Entrepreneurs from around the world are thrilled and excited to hear this.

On digging a little, it came to light that all these facilities are going to be available for startups only from USA. One of the highly positioned Administrators said that ‘We are looking forward to uplift American startup system by providing them with access to world-class technologies and innovations’.

NASA Technology Transfer Program
NASA Technology Transfer Program

NASA is adamant about witnessing a change in the contemporary entrepreneurial system. It foresees the change that can be brought with the use of technologies and inventions patented by NASA over the years. If reports are to be believed NASA has a strong set of 1500 patented technologies and innovative products? If all of these technologies and innovative products are handed over to the efficient and crazy entrepreneurs then they can change the world for better.

NASA is not just selling out technologies that is used in daily life but they are also providing enterprises with opportunity to use highly efficient robotics and analytics software. Here onwards it is going to be fun being a part of the startup.

How NASA’s patented technology and patented products are going to help startup eco-system:

With technologies already being available, entrepreneurs will be able to concentrate more of product instead of technology that will prepare it.

With an improved product in hand, entrepreneurs will be able to leverage their customers with a great shopping experience. The service sector enterprises will be able to provide efficient and faster services at affordable price.

Entrepreneurs will be able to make the best use of the time or the available technology to create a product that will solve the problems of the contemporary world.

Life is going to be getting better from here. All the entrepreneurs need to do is think, use the available technology for free and change the world.

Here is the URL to visit Startup NASA program


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