New definitions under Startup India Standup India

New definitions under startup India standup India
New definitions under Startup India Standup India


Startup India Standup India is bound to benefit startups and it will defintely in the long run but only potential startups will be able to make a cut through. Not every run for mile startup will be able to make a cut through this campaign or scheme.

Entrepreneurs who are talented enough to build a company that can actually solve problems will be able to raise money from government and not every entrepreneur who can copy a well-tested paradigm and build a business around it.

Indian government has already made their definition of startup very clear. The government has also clearly defined startups who will benefit from this startup India and standup India campaign. Any startup that tries to copy and create a business will not be able to acquire benefits from this campaign while a company which tends to solve a problem in the existing business or vertical will be able to enjoy the benefits.

As the central government races towards the budget for the fiscal year 2017-18, they are also defining certain things in order to stream line things. Entrepreneurs are getting ready for the new definition.

Government of India has released a new rider that will define startups and will decide whether they will be counted under startup India standup India campaign or not.

Every startup applying for Startup India standup India campaign must have diluted at least 20 percent of their equity or they can get a certificate from any of the government recognised incubators.

The startups needs to follow at least one of the paradigm specified here. Failing to quality any of these parameters, startups will not be able to enjoy facilities under Startup India Standup India.

It is extremely important for Indian government to redefine paradigms and set high standards because India is the third largest startup community, the competition is really high hence it is difficult for talented and potential entrepreneurs to make a cut through.

The startups will have to stand strong on varied parameters and ensure that they are here to solve problems instead of making just another company. talented entrepreneurs and startups will always be able to make a cut through because they are serious about their work and they are going to produce quality product no matter what come may be.






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