PayTM breaks the ‘Bubble Bursting’ Myth by Acquiring a Startup

PayTM breaks the 'Bubble Bursting' Myth by Acquiring a Startup
PayTM breaks the ‘Bubble Bursting’ Myth by Acquiring a Startup

What sets a classic enterprise apart from the crowd of copied businesses? Answer is their preparation for tomorrow. Along with PayTM a lot of other wallet based businesses made a debut in India. A lot of them are successful and are managing people’s money really well but only a handful of them have realized that the market is not going to remain constant. Waves of uncertainty are knocking at the door and very soon there is a going to be a lethal disruption.

On the other hand, PayTM understands and foresees the future really well. Gone are the days when PayTM was a Wallet App that also offered recharge facility. Today PayTM is a Solution and it is helping a lot of people manage their finances really well. PayTM is one of the first and the only successful market that allows people to bargain and fix deals on a prize cited by them. This one characteristic is good enough to make PayTM feed its employees for another Decade.

In the other news, PayTM continues with its stint of acquiring startups and merging them. The wallet-based company—PayTM—has acquired home services marketplace This acquisition happened at a time when people were busy spreading rumors related to “Startup Bubble Being Burst”. The decrease in funding has different reasons. Reasons, which are covered with a layer of intellectuality, only intellectual and Startup experts, can understand what is happening under the curtain.

According to Economic Times, the startup has been according for a price ranging between $1.5 Million to $ 2 Million. The newspaper also announced that the elite panel of enterprises would soon be making a public announcement of the same.

This acquisition deal between PayTM and is going to act like a catalyst and it will rejuvenate the vibe that has died down because of the increasing fear. This acquisition case is different from all the others that occurred in recent past because, both the parties here are Online Marketplace and both of them have acquired investment from reputed VCs and Individual Investors.

Well, it is going to be only a matter of time that why PayTM has acquired Intellectuals are eyeing this move as expansion. It may happen that PayTM merge both the enterprises and start dealing in Home Services as well or it keeps running as Flipkart is running