Points to Note from PM Narendra Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley

PM Narendra Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India is on six days visit to US. On 27th September, PM had an opportunity to visit Silicon Valley and understand how Internet Giants like Google and Facebook functions. Narendra Modi paid intricate attention to the functioning of these giants and also inspired global CEOs and Investors to invest in India and also to Make in India. Here is a list of points to note from PM Narendra Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley:

  1. Prime Minister Visited Facebook and attended a Town hall Q&A session with the CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The Prime Minister was invited by Mark Zuckerberg to attend the Town hall Q&A session and enlighten the world about his vision of future of India and the world.
  1. Prime Minister was answering every question actively and very intricately. He made sure that he promotes India at all levels and ensure that people get inspired to invest in India.
  1. Prime Minister broke down when Mark coaxed him to discuss about the efforts his mother made to make him the man he is today. Prime Minister warmly welcomed the parents of Mark Zuckerberg and ensured that everyone gave them a standing ovation.
  1. The thing to note about this visit is that, Employees at Facebook were given strict instructions to wear formal on this particular day. Shorts, skirts and sleeveless was banned by Mark himself and it was probably one of those first town hall event were Mark was dressed in formals.

PM Narendra Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley

  1. Modi was very articulate about the efforts his government has made to cut down the red tape and make India an investor friendly country. Modi challenged that India’s rank in ease of doing business is going to improve soon and he gave his 15 months of governance a pat on the back.
  1. Prime Minister talked about India as the heaven for investors and for business developers. He showcased the world a new world of opportunities and resources.
  1. Modi discussed his dream of converting India into an economy of 20Trillion Dollars from what today it is of 8 Trillion Dollars.
  1. Modi said, ‘there is no dearth of money, only lack of address, I am giving the address(India) invest here.

PM Narendra Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley

  1. Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google, hosted Modi in a star-studded fashion. Sundar gave Modi an exclusive look of the projects Google is working on. In a press conference Sundar also announced that Google would equip 500 railway platforms in India with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  1. Modi urged and encouraged Google to develop apps for common man. Applications that will make lives simpler and will make information available at one click. He also added, this way we will be able to leverage every person with the power of knowledge and with the power of doing things.
  1. Modi has been a fan of Social Media and Internet. After his experiments with social media and governance, he is very much sure about the changes that can be brought on the ground level. He urged Google to develop apps that will help in eradicating poverty and in impacting lives.
  1. Sundar Pichai took the event enthusiastically and explained how Google map and Street View works to the Indian Prime Minister. Sundar Pichai is proud of the efforts made by Indian Prime Minister and has ensured complete support for his Digital India initiative.

PM Narendra Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley is a hit among the masses and media. After Mark Zuckerberg changed his profile picture on Facebook to show support to PM’s Digital India Initiative. The whole of India is seen changing picture and adding up to the support. In other news the CEO of Qualcomm has decided to invest a whopping sum of 150Million Dollars in India. Qualcomm is known to make popular processors like Snapdragon. The plans are to setup a manufacturing unit in India and add values to the Digital India initiative of the Prime Minister, Modi.   like us on Facebook, we are always sharing ideas worth reading.



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