Push reforms to create a momentum for alternatives: Tata

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of Tata Group, attends a session at the Boao Forum for Asia in Boao, Hainan, China, on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. The Boao Forum for Asia takes place from April 8-11.

Indian startup community carries a dignified respect for Ratan Tata, the former CEO of Tata Groups. Ratan Tata is not very much active and effective in Tata now but his role as a mentor and angel investor is very much appreciated and looked upon in the contemporary world. His contribution as angel investors is seen as life altering experience for entrepreneurs and startups.

It’s been like 10 days in the New Year and Ratan Tata has already invested into two startups. Taking forward the investment stint from the last year Ratan Tata looks forward to put money on a lot of talented entrepreneurs this year.

Apart of the startup community, even the government and its varied institutions pays attention when Ratan Tata talks about reforms and changes. In recent past, India’s energy sector has faced a lot of problems related to policies when it comes to pushing new and alternative sources of energy.

Ratan Tata said, “As far as regulation for pushing new technology, we have to be sympathetic to enormity of the problems that exist in energy sector and the cost. Both will not happen over night. But we have to create a momentum in this area and then awareness. Is there a mechanism that encourages innovation”

Ratan Tata has been meeting a lot of talented entrepreneurs from varied pools, sectors and verticals. Ratan Tata is one of those people who gets to understand the problems being faced by the contemporary entrepreneurs. His appeal to the government is a part of helping Indian entrepreneurs campaign.

In a recent interview, Ratan Tata said, I will bet my money only on exciting ideas. Entrepreneurs since then have made it a motto to create businesses around an idea that makes people exciting about problem solving at grandeur level.

Coming together with Startup India Standup India campaign, Ratan Tata looks forward to a new India. A New India that talks about the changing world and the emerging possibilities. He also looks forward to be the center of motivation and funding for newbies in the field. He is ready to work hard with startups if they are working harder. He is ready to take that extra step and invest if startups are ready to impact the world.

The changing dynamics and the increased rate of failure in Indian startup community is one of the matter that concerns the former CEO of Tata Groups and that is why, he personally looks into the ideas he want to invest.

16th January is the date people from the Indian startup community are looking forward to. Everyone is planning to get ahead with their business ideas once the government has disclosed the new map for helping and promoting startups. Indian government looks forward to increase the ease of doing business and also push the spirit of entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurs with access to the best of resources for free.

Coming times are going to be really exciting and fruitful for people with a great idea in their hands.

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