Success Story of An Advertising and Design Studio based in New Delhi


“An essential aspect of Creativity is not being afraid to fail”

Brandonama Creatives came into being in September, 2013. So, back in 2013, the founding members, Sandeep and Vasundhara felt they had reached a road block at their current job set ups. Days at work were monotonous, the mundane routine had started frustrating both. Vasundhara felt that the monotonous routine and repetitive work had begun trampling over her creative instincts, Sandeep had explored all avenues at his current job role and felt the need to explore further.

The two began on this venture not knowing what lay further. The ride was bumpy initially. There was no investment, the two had neglible savings from their previous jobs, but the idea of having something of their own was too tempting. Without much planning, the two dived in.

At their current position, they run a Studio in South Delhi, having a 9 member team. Some of the Clients & Brands they work on are WWF India, Pizzahut, Bacardi, Delhi Daredevils, CARE India, Chivas Regal, Ballantines, Jamesons, Glenilvet, Absolut Vodka, IKEA India, Lenovo Smartphones, Business World Group of Companies, SABMiller, Cafe Dalal Street. They enjoy working on Hospitality, Liquor and Food & Beverage brands.

Success Story of An Advertising and Design Studio based in New DelhiInitially, while the two were at their previous jobs, they would work from home after getting back from office. Work began post dinner and went on till 4-5am. 11pm to 6am work timings are something most parents can not digest  This further meant that they needed to take a up a space to be able to work from, minus the distractions. In January 2014 they took up a small place on rent and resumed work in full swing.

They recall their major challenge at that stage, Sandeep says

“I think cash was the major problem, since we required an office, there were times when we had no cash for going for meetings, and delayed payments did not make it easier either. We both coming from 2 really different backgrounds meant that we had our horns locked most of the times. Our mindsets, ways of functioning, understanding of the industry (limited for me at that time) were some of the problems but with time we learnt to balance each other and function in better ways.”

The Brand Name; originated as a word that’s catchy, something which one doesn’t forget easily. Plus it came from the word – Panorama, making it a 360 degree view of branding. It sounds lyrical and just clicked perfectly with the two.

Success Story of An Advertising and Design Studio based in New Delhi

Brandonama Creatives offers Quality with fast delivery, as Vasundhara states, “The client’s project is our baby – so one can be assured we will give our best in terms of innovation and creativity. We feel deeply connected to each design we create, colors and branding excite us.”

At Brandonama Creatives, we create Brands. Our concepts and designs define us- we like to come across as a young, chirpy and fresh brand, ready to instill simple, catchy and fresh ideas into the market by setting absolutely no boundaries.

sandeep founder brandonamaSandeep has previously worked at where he started out as their first employee and helped in building the company to a 30 member team. He was heading client servicing & business development (pan India) and successfully handled over 5000 clients during his 3 year stint.


vasundhara founder brandonamaVasundhara has completed her graduation in Advertising & Design and worked with McCann Worldgroup post which she gained experience with a couple of Delhi based design studios. Her heart never lay in a confined space, a 9 to 5 job was a nightmare for her. She successfully runs a handcrafted brand, Nukkad Art alongside. Her interest lies in Branding, Advertising and playing around with Colors.

Both seem to have a mix of a creative cum caffeine rush. The fast paced industry keeps them buzzing, keeping the creative juices in the mind flowing…

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