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Success Story of This Travel Startup Shows that Age is No Barrier for the Success of a startup

Success Story of This Travel Startup Shows that Age is No Barrier for the Success of a startup

This travel startup has proved that the age is no barrier for the success of a startup. EaseMyTrip is the creation two determined youth who were keen to save on the journey of their family members in order to impress them. Both were quite young (Nishant was in 1st year of college and Rikant was in high school) that time. They ... Read More »

This startup was recently awarded with the Best Start-up award

Debt Nirvana Award

Back in 2011, when the world economy was just picking up after a fierce global financial wildfire, Ravi Malhotra, then working at one of the best known global corporations thought about the problems faced by the first generation entrepreneur led companies in managing Revenues and Cash flows in consideration of the the impact that such meltdowns have on self started ... Read More »

This startup creates a way out for your daily commute while cutting down your expenses


PoolMyRide creates a way out for your daily commute while cutting down your expenses. Find ride pools in and around your city, just enter source and destination and wait for your Facebook friends and app users to share the ride. They also introduced cab pooling booking for office commute. On an average a pool can save a user more than ... Read More »

This startup has created a hyper-local single Healthcare Platform On-The-Go for all your needs

medzin founders

Have you felt vulnerable when a sudden illness tossed your finances and you realized how expensive healthcare is? Struggled to find a test lab around your vicinity which gives the best quality of service as well as value for money? Are you unable to find a specialist doctor that you can trust? Can you name the closest pharmacy to your ... Read More »

Success Story of An Advertising and Design Studio based in New Delhi


“An essential aspect of Creativity is not being afraid to fail” Brandonama Creatives came into being in September, 2013. So, back in 2013, the founding members, Sandeep and Vasundhara felt they had reached a road block at their current job set ups. Days at work were monotonous, the mundane routine had started frustrating both. Vasundhara felt that the monotonous routine ... Read More »

Delhi based Wigzo raised 3 Crore in Round A Funding

startup funding

NCR and Bengaluru are the two hotspots for startups in the contemporary India. Studies and researches have listed these arenas as the cheapest regions of the country in near future. Startups are working as a change agent and it is only measure of time that we are going to experience a better lifestyle at affordable prices. Apart of the efforts ... Read More »

An emerging Indian startup for managing your revenue and debt collection

Debt Nirvana

A New Delhi based startup, has launched, it has been launched with a view to provide Online Credit Reports and Debt Collection services. It is an emerging Indian startup for managing your revenue and debt collection. The company was founded by Ravi Malhotra; before setting off on an entrepreneurial journey, Ravi has held various Regional and Country leadership positions ... Read More »

This travel startup creates the perfect all-inclusive travel experience for college students

toursadda logo

We all have come across, in some point of our lives, the famous Robert Frost saying: “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by.” Some of us read it and forgot while to the rest, it touched their hearts. The saying (from the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’) motivated people to travel ... Read More »

This startup is trying to be one of the revolutionary food tech startup in India


Healthy eating has become a new Fitness mantra nowadays. Due to everyday hassles of busy working lives, often health and body nourishment take a backseat. Skipping meals, filling the stomach with tongue appetizing junk food, we lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. We may think missing breakfast or sloppy lunches is not a big deal. But over a period of time, ... Read More » – Online Grocery Shopping Made Easier & Revolutionary Founders

eZShopy – A Grocery Delivery Startup was conceptualized in Mar this year by Anuj Sarpal ( Ex Googler ) & Daksh Wadhwa ( Ex Compliance Head ). Together, both have roughly 30 Years of experience and both of them are a combo pack of CA & CS . The current team size is 12 and very soon they are moving ... Read More »