These $10B Sectors are seeking a Disruption – Opportunities for Startups




Here we are taking about disruption in sectors that generate more than $10B revenue every financial year. Despite of being successful and enormously rich, they are yet to reach people and help them lead a better life. These sectors are looking for a disruption only startups can provide.

Why startups? When I say startup, I am not referring to a business established on same old paradigm; Startup here refers to what Steve, Jack Ma and Rahul Yadav did; here we are referring to moving fast and breaking things. It is extremely important that the contemporary generation of entrepreneurs concentrates on these ripe sectors and provides them with the requisite disruption.

Here is the list of $10B sectors that needs a disruption and also mentioned are the ways of bringing in the requisite disruption:


The old and ignored sector came to life when the increase in number of e-commerce companies. E-commerce companies are helping these logistics companies earn millions of profits. While the enterprises have acquired the requisite money but they have failed when it comes to providing the customers with faster and reliable delivery.

It is the time when tech entrepreneurs from around the world should make efficient use of technology and improve this sector. The logistics is one department that has revenue closer to $15Billions. A startup that makes efficient use of RFID, Internet of Things and helps people keep a tab in real time is going to be the biggest disruption.

Health Insurance:

In a country like India where 125 Crore people are living together under vulnerable condition an enterprise selling modern day Health Insurance is going to be the next big thing. The Insurance sector in India is valued around $55 Billion. The addition of affordable Health Insurance facilities will change the face of the Insurance sector.

Startups will have to indulge into this sector, will have to reach people from the remotest corners of the country and help them understand the importance of the same.

The foreseen disruption will not only change the way people contemplate Health Insurances but will also decrease day to day life sufferings.



 Over $100 Billion in revenue generation but lacks the basic infrastructure. The new government in India has issued a notification for all the Automobile companies to equip their cars with the basic security features and also ensure that every car passes the standard security test.

The automobile companies are on back foot and this were an opportunity for startup finds place. A startup that allows automobile companies to concentrate on regular production with new security features while handling the old cars and fitting them with the best of security and safety features is going to be the next big thing.

Waste Management:

 Talk about waste management and you cannot leave Tata out of the discussion. Tata as an enterprise has presented a successful paradigm in front of the world. The way Tata Manages waste in the city of Jamshedpur is remarkable.

Waste management is one sector that incurs Indian Government billions of rupees but is still a failed institution. It is the time when startups from the remotest corners of the country start taking responsibility and solve the problems.

Sulabh Sawchalya is one of the best examples. Startups like these change the way India creates and manages waste.


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