This startup creates a way out for your daily commute while cutting down your expenses


PoolMyRide creates a way out for your daily commute while cutting down your expenses. Find ride pools in and around your city, just enter source and destination and wait for your Facebook friends and app users to share the ride. They also introduced cab pooling booking for office commute.

This startup creates a way out for your daily commute while cutting down your expensesOn an average a pool can save a user more than $1,000 per year which otherwise would have gone on:

  • Fuel
  • Maintenance.
  • Wear and Tear of vehicle.


  • Create or join a pool anywhere in the world
  • See where your friends or Colleagues plan to travel.
  • Get the travel route for ride.
  • Connect with new people
  • Login with your Facebook account too.

car free day 8Benefits:

  • Use technology to make earth and home happy.
  • Play your role in society.
  • Connect to more people.
  • Save Money
  • Save Environment

PoolMyRide is just an app and charge users no money to create carpool. With this mentoring they will be able to change the outlay of the transportation system. They want to create an impact in the world with their technology. Their main motive was to solve the problems of daily commuters.

Improve lifestyle:
mughal gardens 1. Save fuel
2. Save time
3. Save energy
4. Reduce pollution and carbon footprint.

Access to Needs:
People who cannot afford vehicle can carpool.

People can use carpool for a specific check-point and then use public transport for the last mile commute.

Urban life:
Shared transport leaving less number of cars on road eventually reduce deaths due to pollution and car accidents.
P.S-every day 80 people die in Delhi due to pollution.

economic travel means reaching to far off places through daily commute of this sort . that will enable employment opportunities for people in remote areas.

Founders story

foundersThe Co-Founders are cousins namely, Rajat and Abhishek Talwar. Both have been living in a joint family since birth and both have technical background and have experience in working with successful startups and MNC’s.For the past 14 months, both have been working on Poolmyride full Time after resigning from their respective jobs. So, no other commitment in hand, just want to make world a better place.

Working for themselves and community gives a big boost to their meaning of life. They want to educate the people to follow a certain path and the source of this life changing path begins from home. Stay eating healthy, plant trees, exercise, feed animals, walk to places nearby or carpool, lets rephrase, Vehicle-pool.

They are here to solve the daily commute frustration and stress in India and Abroad. They are based in Delhi, so are focussing on Delhi Commute and Pollution. They as commuters have gone through the phase of traffic that is the reason they have built this platform for change.





What does the app do:-

1) Location Based
Without even creating an account / logging in user can see other commuters on app.
With smart geo-location algorithm app fetches carpools created within 5 km radius of the user and shows it in nearby section along with the latest carpools created.

2) Intelligent Notification
Once the app goes in background app checks the users travelling behaviour and accordingly notifies with the list of co-passengers user can share ride with.

Once the user creates a carpool not only the users nearby are notified but also users who searched on the same path are notified, this increase chance of finding perfect carpool partner.

3) Connect
Users can do Instant Messaging within the app, besides this users can share their contact number, email id and Facebook Profile link.Besides this every 5 seconds someone in the world searches for a carpool on our platform every 5 sec ppl search for co passengers.

4) My company: Allows users to log in using their company email id which helps to create and find carpools of their colleagues within the company.

5) Odd-Even: For Delhi/NCR regions , the option to choose odd or even car ,when this plan has been implemented. The users in this region can see the of number preference of the nearby users.

DELHI ODD- EVEN – Delhi odd even scheme really spiked up our user base you can see the graph below.

delhi odd evenWhat have they done so far?

Our daily active customer have risen by 119%, our monthly customers have risen upto 20% and daily new users upto 200%.

They have been in touch with the Delhi Government to find a solution for rising traffic and also to encourage people to carpool. They have incorporated and added filters for odd even formula that has been implemented in Delhi in order to reduce traffic. They have also added the “MY COMPANY” feature which allows users to register their company and carpool with colleagues.


To build on multiple platform and to convince people about the idea and to use this in their daily routine was the greatest challenges faced by them.

They learn to manage time and resources and how to be lean in all the operations and costs involved in the process of development. They learned new technologies ourselves in order to built the latest innovated app, solving another problem of hiring a techie without pay. To build a startup without funding was not easy but believing in yourself makes all complications vanish.


They are working from Delhi right now and focusing on the traffic problems in this city. They are going places and writing down strategies for the most affected areas of traffic and building on our business model. Hereafter, they will add on new cities in India.


companies regsteredTheir target customers are around 2 million i.e., people on roads who travel daily in their respective cars to work. Anyone who is on road is our targeted customer.

  • They have more than 15K+ downloads cross platform android , ios and windows.
  • With over 2500 active users monthly, they are growing at rate of 200% .
  • Every 5 second someone searches for a carpool on poolmyride.
  • They have carpools which are more than an year old.
  • They are #1 carpool app on Play Store and App Store globally.

Monthly active users : 2000
Daily active users : 500
App Downloads : 12k downloads on both android and ios
App store rank #1 (in US) and #2 (in India) for Carpool , car pool and cab-pool
100 new users daily. They have around 15000 downloads, 10 carpools created every day,2500 monthly active users.

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