This startup has created a hyper-local single Healthcare Platform On-The-Go for all your needs

medzin founders

Have you felt vulnerable when a sudden illness tossed your finances and you realized how expensive healthcare is? Struggled to find a test lab around your vicinity which gives the best quality of service as well as value for money? Are you unable to find a specialist doctor that you can trust? Can you name the closest pharmacy to your home? Did you ever have to visit multiple pharmacies to collect all the medicines from a single prescription?

medzin logoAs the world has evolved in leaps & bounds, we still struggle to get our healthcare basics right. And our circle of influence starts from our mom, to the aunts in the family & winds up with the family doctors. But the question is, is that really enough?

What if you had an app that lets you access the pharmacies close to your location, allows you to order prescription drugs and get them delivered at your doorsteps, enables you to view doctors around you and book an appointment, helps you locate pathology labs? One single Healthcare Platform On-The-Go for all your needs? Sounds impressive? That’s exactly what Medzin is about.

medzin foundersFounded by an enthusiastic young team of Vishnu Shankar, Suyash Mohan, Madhav Shankar & Raghav Sarda in 2015; MedHealix® Health Tech Pvt. Ltd. (Medzin™), is a Online Healthcare  Aggregator (Healthcare Platform) of Health and Wellness Products and Services integrating Local Pharmacies, Healthcare Stores, Doctors and Labs on 1 unified platform. Based out of IP Extention, Delhi; Medzin aims to add value to the healthcare landscape by providing easy access to world class healthcare facilities in just a few taps on your mobile phone.

“While we do start of from the National Capital Region (Delhi NCR); we plan to expand to technology friendly cities of Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai soon” quotes founder Madhav Shankar.

Currently live in the East Delhi, Medzin has launched on the Android Play Store & The same will be in Apple App Store. medzin team

“Times are changing. Even the senior citizens today have the best of smart phones in their hands, thanks to Facebook. Our goal is to ensure easy & affordable access to good healthcare across age groups at the convenience of their home” founder Raghav chips in.

“We understand that buying medicine on an online platform will only make sense if it is delivered instantly since it is meant for immediate consumption. That is why we are able to guarantee delivery within a few hours of placing an order with us. To us making the customer feel at ease with our app is the priority.” Says Founder Vishnu.

Suyash Mohan the fourth founder adds “We are trying to Digitalize healthcare section by creating robust technology. We believe in solving problems through technology.”

All set to provide the customer with a holistic healthcare solution, Medzin promises to live by its motto – Delivering Wellness.

So what are you waiting for? Discover Healthcare Nearby and Get Affordable & Easy
Access to Good Health.

They are live on Google Play Store ( and on Apple Play Store too (

The Medzin consists of 10+ employees’ working day and night to make Healthcare Easy.