This startup was recently awarded with the Best Start-up award

Debt Nirvana Award

Back in 2011, when the world economy was just picking up after a fierce global financial wildfire, Ravi Malhotra, then working at one of the best known global corporations thought about the problems faced by the first generation entrepreneur led companies in managing Revenues and Cash flows in consideration of the the impact that such meltdowns have on self started businesses, he had his solution ready.

So, in 2013, after a full 2 years, when he first thought about this impact, he launched his own enterprise-Debt Nirvana.

Evocatively named, Debt Nirvana helps firms focus on their core business processes while taking care of important but not so critical functions like Credit Risk Mitigation (aka Credit Analysis), Debt Recovery, Receivables management and legal and other compliances.

Best Start-up award for Debt Nirvana

Startups and also established businesses often get into the conundrum of growth versus profitability. Flush with funds, startups have to quickly scale up. If the startup is in a growth phase and wants to expand its trade channels, often, it gets into a situation of extending credit to its partners. But, credit extension is fraught with risks as the debtor may not be in a position to service its debt in the short, medium or long terms. The creditor in such cases is left with no option but to spend a disproportionate part of its time chasing such credit. Now, imagine the negative impact it leaves on the finances of Creditor Company.

Debt Nirvana, helps in managing the Businesses Cash Flows and does much more. Their competence lies in the following business processes:
a) Credit Analysis of potential clients
b) Setting up of Credit Limits
c) Credit and Risk Reports- Industry and Country wise
d) Debt Collection Services
e) Cash Application

The Company sincerely believes that credit is an integral part of doing and expanding business and towards that end, Debt Nirvana lays down the ground work for an efficient and effective credit system. But, it is equally mindful of the fact that business is an extension of their personal relationships so while maintaining objectivity, the Company also takes care of humility, trust and empathy while dealing with their clients.

Their slogan is: We believe in the dictum, NO COLLECTION,…. NO FEE!

Business and Ethics; The Company believes in maintaining the highest standards of business ethics and its clients consider Debt Nirvana as an extension of their businesses. No wonder, some of the best and brightest organizations in the Indian industry trust their business processes with it.

Recently at a Start-up expo., Debt Nirvana was recently awarded with the Best Start-up award for outstanding performance.

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