Tooler acquires 1,10,000$ round A investment  



Tooler acquires 1,10,000$ round A investment
Tooler acquires 1,10,000$ round A investment

Living in NCR, I am really thankful to Tooler for offering affordable laundry services. Tooler a laundry care startup has helped hundreds of bachelors and office-goers in managing their laundry well. Tooler is in news for the Round A investment that it has acquired. The Laundry care startup has acquired an investment of $1,10,000 from Raghu Khanna, who happens to be a prolific Venture Capitalist.

Talking about Tooler, we simply cannot let the idea take away all the credits. The team behind the idea is also praise worthy; they have given everything to their idea. I remember when the CEO and the Business Development Officer themselves came to our flat for delivery and how they disclosed that they have been burning their pockets to keep the business going. Well now, it is time for the Co-founders to take a deep breath and start building the business they always dreamt of.

If news are to be believed, the laundry care startup aims to setup online and offline outlet across the NCR and help people acquire adorable laundry services at all of times of the day.

“We realize that there’s a large proportion of potential customers who want to use our services offline as well. This step will help the company to be a name not just in the online laundry market but as well in on-ground market,” says Vishal Gupta, CTO and Co-founder, Tooler.

The team has already started to plan the varied projects they will be using the money for. The team aims to build an iOS app and also market their product across the country. The good news about the company is that they are aware of the contemporary market situation and rates; the raised money will help them build the customer base and then become an essentiality among people.

Tooler is quite popular in NCR. They have officially declared that they are already handling 100 orders per day, which makes it to 3000 orders every month. We are pretty sure that with the newfound investment, they will be able to expand their business at the expected rate.

Bursting the bubble?

Recently, the startup bubble being burst was the most common news on the startup but at the same time we have also seen almost no decline in investment raised by unique ideas and hardworking teams. This new paradigm is signaling towards something very specific, unique Idea. It is the idea that should be the most important thing when starting a venture.

One can always improve it and make it better but if it is copied then one should always concentrate on removing its loophole. Do not start a business just because you want to start one. Keep looking for an idea that defines your life or at least helps you impact the world, go behind it and make the world a better place to live.

Your efforts as a team player are also going to count. You may the CEO and the founder but that gives you no right to do anything you want to. Work as a team player and see your business growing into the right direction.

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